Marketing Tactics

Marketing with a Mission: How Your Company’s Mission Can Mold its Success

For all companies, a well-defined mission statement and clear set of goals set the foundation for future success. To establish a company culture that’s healthy and effective, it’s important to spend time developing these items. Company culture is integral to brand identity, employee morale, and customer loyalty, and it’s nearly impossible to succeed w… Read the rest

Landing Your Desired Role Via Social Media: Here Is How!

OK so you’ve probably heard the news by now, social media networking is all the rage for businesses. Just one problem…you are not a business….you’re just looking for a good job.  Well, here’s the news flash. If businesses spend time working on social media, then that’s where they are and that means you can use social media platforms to land that job you want. Wa… Read the rest

Three Ways Social Media Impacts Small Businesses

Most everyone is familiar with social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook even if they don’t use them. These sites have grown so much over the last several years that they have become more than just a place for people to socialize. They’re also a very effective marketing tool that can have a big impact on small businesses. If you’re still tryi… Read the rest

Integrated Marketing: Making Offline and Online Work Together

Internet marketing saw incredible development in the last decade or so; to such an extent that one sometimes thinks that good old offline techniques are dead and gone – it is all about mobile devices, SEO, landing pages and Google Analytics now. You still use direct mail? It is so Stone Age. However, those who believe that traditional methods are to be filed as… Read the rest

How to Master the Art of Saving Money Using Internet

Can you suggest what is the hardest thing about dealing with money? If you answer that it is earning it, then you are dead wrong – and this opinion is probably the source of all your financial problems. It is not all that hard to make money – or at least, to make enough money – but making money stay with you is a much, much less trivial task. While earning money is a craf… Read the rest