Groupon Launches Its Own Food Delivery Business, Groupon To Go

TechCrunch – Following its acquisition of food delivery service OrderUp earlier this month, Groupon is today announcing its own nationwide delivery and takeout service, Groupon To Go. The program is initially available in Chicago, where it has been in pilot testing with 500 restaurants since March, but the company says it will expand to other m… Read the rest

The Evolution of Technology and Its Impact on Education

Technology has been amazing. Over the last decade, we have seen such a dramatic change in technology that its impact on the way we learn and the knowledge that people have, has grown immensely. It is fair to say that this generation is the most knowledgeable generation there has ever been. Previously, knowledge was confined to having access to books and tutor… Read the rest

Time Saving Tips for Ecommerce Store Owners

Running an ecommerce store requires that you invest a lot of time, not only into the usual business practices of management to marketing, but also in maintaining inventory and customer service. There are certain steps that you can take to save some much-needed time while running your ecommerce store successfully, especially during busy shopping seasons… Read the rest

Snapchat Replaces Yahoo and Warner Music With BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio

AdWeek – Snapchat has added BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio to its Discover portal—which lets publishers share up to 20 stories a day on the social mobile app—and Yahoo and Warner Music Group’s channels on the portal have been deleted. But the reasons for those moves are a little unclear. “Since launching Discover with Yahoo and Warner Music s… Read the rest

Secure Video Conferencing for Business

Video conferencing, a concept only recently made possible, is changing how business communications are handled. The software suites afford businesses huge convenience, cost savings, and growth opportunities. The vast majority of businesses are already on board with video conferencing technology, but some are still worried that the technology is no… Read the rest

Google reveals your location history in Maps

CNN – Google Maps is rolling out a Timeline feature that will allow users to essentially stalk themselves.  Your location has been collected and stored on Google’s servers for a long time (if you allow Google to track you), but accessing that information in the past has been difficult. Now, the Timeline feature will be front and center in Goog… Read the rest