Google Search Will Now Also Feature Content From iOS Apps

TechCrunch – For the last two years, Google has been showing Android users relevant content from apps they have installed on their phones and tablets. Now, it’s also bringing this feature to iOS users and apps. Last month, Google started showing results from Android apps that users didn’t have installed on their phones, something it will now also… Read the rest

Vox Media to acquire technology news site Re/code

The Washington Post – Washington-based Vox Media is adding the well-respected but financially pressed technology news site Re/code to its growing portfolio of new media properties, the two companies said Tuesday. Re/code founders Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg announced the news in an official blog post on their news site, which they launched i… Read the rest

5 Rules for Artists When Using Social Media to Promote Art

As an artist, you have your work cut out for you when it comes to promoting the art you make. There is a considerable amount of competition, and if you don’t employ the correct techniques, you’ll fall far behind. One of the best ways to promote your art is to do so through social media, but it will only be successful if you go about it the right way. 1. Optimize Your We… Read the rest

Rare iOS bug can cause text messages to crash your iPhone

CNET – A quirky bug in Apple’s iOS can crash and reboot your iPhone if you receive a certain text message. First revealed by a Reddit user on Tuesday, the bug works as follows: Someone texts you a message with a specific string of Arabic characters. If your iPhone is locked, and you receive a notification of the new text, iMessage crashes and your… Read the rest

Top 5 Focus Areas that Every Mobile App Developers Should Know

To talk of focus areas as per recent mobile app development trends there are too many things to talk about. Most of these areas are into limelight to make majority of mobile app development companies eyeing for them. There are increasing focus on enterprise apps and quicker development. There is also renewed focus on mobile gaming from last year. Obviously,… Read the rest

Criminals use IRS website to steal data on 104,000 people

CNN Money - A “sophisticated” organized crime syndicate used the IRS website to steal tax forms full of personal financial information on 104,000 taxpayers, the agency said Tuesday.  Until the IRS discovered this latest data leak, its website provided a service called “Get Transcript.” It’s an easy way to download seve… Read the rest

Instagram is trying to lure back users with ‘highlights’ emails

MASHABLE - Instagram is reportedly getting ready to spam you with email blasts. If you’re not continuously checking the photo-sharing platform throughout the day, Instagram is experimenting with a way to show you what you’ve missed to entice you back onto the platform. Similar to strategies previously embraced by Twitter and Instagram&… Read the rest