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Twitter Considering 10,000 Character Limit for Tweets – CEO Jack Dorsey

I have a question for you…! Do you want Twitter to increase the Tweet character limit from 140 characters? Now here is the solution for you. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explains why his company wants to move beyond 140-characters. The reasons may be Twitter needs to compete with other social channel platforms or it needs more users. Now, CEO Jack Dorsey sheds a lit… Read the rest

Uber Proposes $28.5 Million Settlement

That’ll be $28.5 Million… Oh. Uber could be in trouble with a class action settlement proposal. The proposal comes from lawsuits saying the “Safe Ride Fee” is false advertising. Complaints say that “Safe Ride Fee” is misleading because background checks on drivers are not ‘industry leading’. So, Uber is going to change this to “Booking Fee”. First a rebran… Read the rest

7 Worst Mistakes That Are Eating Up Your Content Marketing Success

We’re all rushing to create piles and piles of content to serve our customers, upkeep an online image, and create more brand awareness. Despite that, few organizations have it really figured out when it comes to content marketing. The people they’ve targeted aren’t “taking action”. Visitors come and go and analytics aren’t as great as they should be. What c… Read the rest

Google Self-Driving Car Considered Legal Driver

Can I See a License and Registration? But I’m just a self-driving car. According to a recent letter sent from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration to Google, Google’s self-driving car can be considered a legal driver under federal law. Forget the traditional driver, these self-driving cars should come with disclaimer: no human… Read the rest

Some Simple Tips To Save Money For Your Business

One of the most important parts of running a business is definitely trying to save as much money as possible while maximizing profits. This is not something that is easy to do. It is really important that you think about the various options available for you. While you can actually start a business without money, running it without profits would be impossible… Read the rest