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Surprise From Google

THE STORY SURPRISE FROM GOOGLE Google surprised searchers on Wednesday, September 1st with a shiny brand new logo. After using the same serif typeface for the past 16 years it seems that Google was a little bored with it and switched to a “Product Sans” font for a cleaner, simpler look (Source: Business Standard) real simple like daycare crayon simple. But th… Read the rest

4 Tips To Increase Brand Exposure On Social Media

Social media is obviously the best possible option to gain exposure for small, medium, and even large companies. It is a way for even the smallest brand out there to increase its presence through various cheap, or free social media campaigns. This is an opportunity that cannot be dismissed. The problem is that most small brand owners remain focused on someth… Read the rest

Apple Fall Event Announced

THE STORY APPLE FALL EVENT ANNOUNCED It’s happening. Prepare yourselves Apple fanboys. It was announced that Apple will be holding a press event in San Francisco on September 9th (Source: CNN). After much speculation about when the fall event will be and what will be announced at it we finally have a definite date but are still speculating the announcements… Read the rest