Trending: Snapchat Discover

On Tuesday, Snapchat launched a new feature called Discover. Snapchat says that Discover is a “new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams.” As of now these editorial teams include CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, People, Vice, Yahoo! News and Warner Music Group.  Disc… Read the rest

Trending: Amazon competes with Microsoft and Google for Corporate Email

Amazon has announced that uses are now able to sign up to preview their new service, WorkMail. WorkMail was created by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is a secure, managed business email and calendaring service.  WorkMail allows users to access email contacts and calendars using Microsoft Outlook. Mashable says that two vital features of the web service wil… Read the rest

5 Tips for Digital Startups

The main problem of most startups is that their founders concentrate too much on exactly what they are working on and often neglect everything that doesn’t constitute the subject of their innovation. As a result, they often lose chances to increase the efficiency of their business that are right under their noses. Look through our list – we are sure you will f… Read the rest

How to Effectively Use Social Media in the Real Estate Industry

Social media is now considered a critical component of nearly every organization’s internet marketing strategy. This is particularly true in B2C industries where companies succeed based on visibility, relevancy, and engagement. While real estate professionals once relied heavily on print advertisements, physical signage, and word of mouth, the in… Read the rest

How Construction Companies are Leveraging Social Media

One thing in 2015 is quite clear; social media isn’t going anywhere. From the local coffee shops to Fortune 500 companies, social media will play a large role in nearly every business marketing plan this year. While some find using social media to be easy, others struggle to find their place in what can seem like crowed internet space. For some time, man… Read the rest

15 Tips To Use Joomla

As the second most popular content management system in the world, Joomla has proven itself to be a trusted and powerful resource for anyone looking to publish content online. While Joomla already comes equipped with a number of amazing features, why not get the most out of this free and open-source CMS? Why not switch to Joomla? While that may sound easier sa… Read the rest

Trending: Disabling police tracking on Waze

Washington (AP) – Eileen Sullivan from The Associated Press reported that law enforcement is concerned that the popular Waze mobile traffic app by Google Inc., which provides real-time road conditions, can also be used to hunt and harm police. Waze, purchased by Google for $966 million in 2013, is a combination of GPS navigation and social networki… Read the rest