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Defending Customers’ Rights as a New Online Business Model

With the business activities moving firmly into the domain of Internet, customer protection, transaction security and insurance in the World Wide Web become more and more of an issue. And, similarly to any other problem, it gives rise to business ideas that go about solving it. In addition to that, Internet serves as an excellent platform for providing con… Read the rest

The Power of Social Media in the Tech-Savvy Business Landscape

When social networking sites first launched, they were designed for social communication. Whether this was intended to be the heart of the matter or not, social networking was a way to make the Internet a little smaller. Instead of having to swim around in a sea containing billions of users, you could easily locate a group of a few dozen, hundred, or thousand p… Read the rest

Crowdfunding: Where Will We Go From Here? [Infographic]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about crowdfunding or stories of everyday people raising thousands or millions of dollars online. Research estimates $5.1 billion has been raised with crowdfunding so far in 2014; double the amount raised in all of 2012. The folks at BusinessProfiles.com created this insightful infogra… Read the rest

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Kills It on Twitter

The man behind T-Mobile’s Uncarrier rebranding may be rude and crude but if you’ve heard of John Legere, he’s winning. Very few CEOs can attract and keep 555,000 Twitter followers engaged (and sometimes enraged) the way he can. Possibly because very few CEOs are tweeting about how the competition are all greedy bastards. Or how Pharrel… Read the rest