269 responses to “Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think”

  1. alex

    CAnnot watch video :-(

  2. Martin Lapietra

    Not that that matters much if your philosophy can be reduced to: glorify form at the expense of function!! Great post!

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  9. Maggie

    I fully believe these stats (especially the ones about LinkedIn and job searches) and think that social media will continue to grow. I’ve just started a new job doing marketing and SEO for a professional services firm. I believe that my social media culture blog ( and its link off my LinkedIn profile had a lot to do with my getting the position. LinkedIn also helped me to learn about the hiring manager and gave me a leg up in the interview.

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  14. Adam Couchman


    Source 8 – US Department of Education Study

    This link doesn’t work and I’m very interested in accessing this study. Can you point me in the direction of the study?


  15. Mavreen

    Although I’m sure not all these stats are accurate, the message is bang on.


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    Social media changed the world LOL!


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    I totally agree with you. Social Media is getting bigger day by day.

  23. Susie

    Hi, I was just wondering if these facts are presented in your book..I want to use the statistics for a paper, and would feel more comfortable citing a book than a blog. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks =)

  24. tuz

    Nice stuff, but that TM on Socialnomics is not really in line with what you “preach”, is it???

  25. Taylor Walsh

    Ah…”Did You Know” is accessible from the thumbnail crawl at the end of Socialnomics. But the link from your text goes to “user removed” page.

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the heads up!

      Here is the link to the “Did You Know” video if you want to watch it:

  26. Taylor Walsh

    Erik, “Did You Know” has been “removed by user” at YouTube.

  27. Sam Tuber

    1 in 8 couples really met through social media? That’s huge but I wonder how they got that metric – was it on Facebook like as in they met the person through a friend of a friend at a party and then talked more through facebook or was it that they actually met on the social network?