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  1. paul jeffrey

    I’m 43 and quite honestly have been struggling to understand why I must struggle to change my habits and engage online. As an entrepreneur, the above statistics give me motivational urgency.
    Thanks for compiling such Erik. I suppose a smart next move is to get your book:)

  2. Mark

    I checked the referenced UN article, and the link is incorrect. It should be

    1. equalman

      Thanks Mark! I owe you a beer! Thanks for pointing this out. A Correction has been made.

      Cheers, equalman

  3. Vic Boxwell

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  4. Julian Gan

    Very interesting post. Have already shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  5. articlestream

    “Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web”

    You could have stopped right there. You know if it’s bigger than porn on the web then it’s pretty big.

  6. Derek

    This is a very interesting blog post.
    Thanks for posting!

  7. Ashley Adkins

    Hey, I found your social media revolution video on youtube, its breathtaking! I have embedded on the front page of our site,

    We are a social enterprise based in Camden, helping charities to make use of social media and IT.

  8. Nik Lunsford

    I have to give it to you, you have not only done an EXCELLENT job setting up this page, but the video blew me away!!! what did use to make it? (if you don’t mind me asking that is)

    Much respect!

    1. equalman

      Nik: Glad you like it! Adobe After Effects is the program. Cheers to you! – @equalman

  9. Emery Pressberger

    Why not devolve bricks & mortar institutionalized education except for halth club like social and physical interaction to promote healthful, activities and team sports with social interaction?

    I realize the teacher’s unions would impede this, but think of the cost savings and advancements in lifestyle and personal well being.

  10. Jay Williams

    With out Social Media today I don’t know how any business plans to stay in business. Some business’s still have to no web site.

  11. Dana Lynn

    I use social media in my temp labor agency and it works better then any of media I have used. I am just starting to try new thing on the net.

  12. YETI

    big. brother.

  13. Jayson Williams

    I am new to the on-line business and your video had a lot to do with it…

  14. Jay Williams

    This information is awesome

  15. Dragon Age

    Заметка интересная. Как подписаться на rss?

  16. Jay Williams

    You have some of the best info that is right to use with customers who don’t want to face the facts…

  17. Barbara Mackie

    Social media will have a greater impact in all that we do unlike anything we have witnessed in generations. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not comfortable with change and may find this a daunting prospect. Thankfully there are still many who embrace change and most importantly this “positive” change, which is the significant transformation that social media is establishing. Of course this will not be appreciated by those who have something to hide or for those who were hoping to market an inferior product or service. I love it!

  18. Blake

    Great video…With proper credit for your efforts, is this video available for companies to show to their employees? Don’t want to step on any copyright/licensing rights…

  19. pseudo

    This showcases the main downside of technology in the hands of the masses (obviously there are tons of upsides). Simply, put any old unsubstantiated rubbish to good music, make it look authoritative with some fast moving graphics, and pass yourself off as an expert.

    To publish false statistics as ‘facts’ in order to keep the presentation sleek is astounding. Tell me, does your book follow the same ‘image over substance’ rule?

  20. Patrick Bélanger


    For your French speaking audience I translated your facts for a presentation I recently did.

    It can all be found over :

    Thanks !


  21. Carlos Torre

    Did you used a licensing arrangement for the Fatboy Slim song? If is not credited, don’t you need to have evidence before YouTube takes it down?

    1. equalman

      Carlos: There is a credit for the song at the end. While the video is playing you should also receive a pop-up on the bottom of the video that allows you to purchase the song. I hope this helps.

  22. Will Hudson

    Completely awesome! I am using your info for an Advertising class and presented it for a Marketing class. The instructor, Art Petty, is also a semi-prominent marketing blogger. He was impressed and some classmates were completely blown away by your presentation.

    1. equalman

      Will: This is so great to hear!! I’m glad that it’s helpful. Cheers, equalman

  23. Israel García Rodríguez

    Love it! Very useful info.

    Thanks a lot

  24. Stan Habourdin

    Great Job ! I agree with Colin Fast on the LinkedIn figures…
    See ya

    1. equalman

      Thanks! Glad you found it helpful.

      Best, Erik

  25. Real Estate Agents Social Media Services

    Fantastic social media facts. Hard to believe it has grown so fast. The question is where does it go from here??

    1. equalman

      I see it going from growth to leveraging the information of your social graph. What did my friends buy/purchase? What did they like/not like? What real estate agent(s) do they use? etc. Very exciting times!

  26. Real Estate Agents Social Media Services

    Fantastic list of facts!! Where will social media be in 5 years??

  27. equalman

    Glad to hear that Twitter is treating you well David. Thanks for the kind words about the videos, blog, etc.!

  28. SMO Ramit


    Amazing stats and appreciate you sharing these with everyone. I’m researching updated stats and this came helpful. Points me in the right direction.

    1. equalman


      I’m glad you found it helpful! When you have some newer stats compiled I’d love to see them. Cheers!

  29. Mili Ponce

    Great Video, its all true, people don’t realize how big social media is, and I am a believer because it has change my life for ever.

    that is why I am actually teaching people what social media is and how is has change the way we see marketing online all together.

  30. Gurpreet Singh

    Thanks a lot for such a nice post about Social Media content is the key to success of your blog.Social Media is one of the best way to keep touch other, Be Social in 2010!

    1. equalman

      Love it Gurpreet! Be Social!!

  31. Mark

    It looks like you don’t just abuse facts and statistics. You have also taken advantage of Wikipedia to promote yourself (hardly a more reliable source than Britannica if you can manipulate it).

    It seems that the number and content of favorable reviews on Amazon has more to do with social media than actual opinions, perhaps demonstrating the importance of social media, or maybe the unreliability of it.

    1. equalman


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. As for abusing facts/statistics – if you have specifics from the sources listed please let me know [I pulled from several as you readily see in the reference list]. There’s no question that I may have made an error along the way, or there could be an error in the source data, hence if you see one let me know and it will make it better for all.

      As for ratings and reviews – social media is what gets me excited about this. For the most part to date the reviews have been fairly opaque (could have been the hotel company giving a great rating for their own hotel), but now with new tools and increased transparency you can see/know if that person is in your trusted network. Hence you still have access to general ratings, but alongside of that you will see reviews from 5-7 from your friends and peers which one most likely will “weight” a bit more.

      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to contribute!

  32. equalman

    Я не говорю по-русский “, я использую Google Translate, но спасибо за остановки путем!

  33. James Foy

    Quite an interesting study. It’s a nice compilation, but should be taken with a healthy dose of cynicism (like just about anything). Things are definitely trending to online media, but we should be careful of the online stats, as they are reported by online agencies.

    You wouldn’t want to be the “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline after only interviewing people with phones. One of the biggest sources of error in statistical sampling is not getting a “representative” population, i.e., surveying all members of one political party will give you different polling results than asking the same questions to members of another.

    Marketing firms often use dubious data to sell “leads” to clients. Take, for example, the claims of a well-known real estate website, to real estate professionals, “we get over 6 million unique hits per month…blah blah blah”. Now, what you really need to do is interpolate how many are actually looking to buy or sell vs. just looking at the market (especially when the market is “spiking” in either direction) and then gauge the number of practicing professionals in a given area to determine whether or not these “hits” actually mean anything. Another firm sells “qualified leads.” What it means by “qualified” is “they filled out forms on our website with contact info, but we have no idea if any of this is true, we don’t even verify that the email address is even valid”.

    Per #2. You also have to count who admits to using any particular type of activity.

    The online students may or may not be exclusively online.

    Also, as Wiki is run by a younger demographic, it’s tone/bias is notably to the left on many social issues.

    1. equalman


      Great comment – you always want to look at both sides of a discourse, or to put it in more blunt/sophomoric terms, make certain you aren’t doing a “Kool-Aide Keg Stand.”

      Thanks for contributing.

  34. Benjamin

    Wow, so many of these stats are misleading, and the backup is missing for so many more. 33% of 18-34 have never used DVR or TIVO? Is that a joke? Where did you find that?

    1. equalman


      Thanks for stopping by. All the the statistics in the video are listed on the bottom of this page. I pulled from various sources. If you see anything in the sources that I used that is incorrect please let me know as that will be helpful for everyone!

      Best, Erik

  35. Michael

    Hi Erik,

    Great to see your openess to feedback and improvement!

    I’ll echo the thoughts of others regarding some erroneous statistics. I own a recruiting company and I haven’t done any studies but based on our clients as a sample I’d say a relatively low percentage of companies use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, let alone a primary one, let alone their primary one (I see you noted the change above). I’m sure that will be shifting, LinkedIn has recently added their collaborative recruitment tool and some new services to help make the process easier.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the updated version.


    1. equalman


      Thanks for the insight on recruiting! I’ll let you know if I come across updated data. In the meantime, all the best!

      Cheers, Erik

  36. Bradley Will

    Tremendous article. Love how easy it was to navigate and read.

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the kind words – glad you found the article of help.

      Best, Erik

  37. ppc tips

    That’s alot of numbers! I find number 2 hard to believe, but I have no solid data to back me up. HA Good info. Thanks

  38. CGreen

    Erik! This video is awesome! I have shown it to many of my clients and it really opens their eyes to the power and importance of social media…I am trying to put together a video presentation of about my business and would like to know what program/software you used to create this video!! It looks amazing! Let me know!

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad you liked the video and find it helpful! The program used is Adobe After Effects. I hope this helps!

      Happy Holidays!

  39. R. Edward Turner, Ph.D.

    Impactful… and “fact full”… very well done!

    1. equalman

      Always great to get a thumbs up from a Ph.D! Thanks R. Edward Turner.

  40. equalman


    Thanks for the kind words about the content – please have a Happy Holiday & Be Social in 2010!

  41. Bobby B

    This video is fantastic… my global studies class did a project on what might next be the “social media revolution.” It’s truly someting that was interesting to learn! Again, the video was great, and myself and my friends learned a lot from it… I’ve showed it to everybody I know, and they all found it to be truly inspirational.

    Good job!

    1. equalman

      Thanks Bobby B! Where do you teach?

      Happy Holidays!

      1. Bobby B

        I don’t teach, I’m a student in the class.

        Happy Holidays =]

  42. Alex

    Erik, I can’t find fact #22 anywhere in the video.

    1. equalman


      Great point – I’m not sure why I threw that bonus data point in on the article, but I hope you found it relevant. I might have had it in the original script and then cut it out for time once the video was produced. Thanks for the comment and the support!!!

  43. Ransom

    As a Boomer who has been in the video business for over 25 years and employs GenY-ers, I found this video and associated info very inspiring and have shared it with my staff. 2010 marketing in a difficult economy will require some smart thinking and Social Media will play a big part in being successful. Thank you.

    1. equalman


      Your positive comments about the video mean a ton coming from someone with so much video experience. I greatly appreciate the support. Happy Holidays!

  44. Lauren Amarante

    Hi Erik!

    Sat in on the Wiley Network webinar lastweek–great insight and amazing YouTube video! I have some quick source-related questions for you:

    1) Do you, by any chance, have a URL link for where you found the UN Cyberschoolbus PDF report? (#4). Can’t find it anywhere and I need a date of publication, etc.

    2) Same for the McKinsey study? (#3)

    3) Same for the Technorati link that proves #18

    4) Lastly, I just noticed the tiny little emoticon in the upper right hand corner of this page! lol What’s that all about?

    Thanks so much,

    Lauren Amarante

  45. Cynthia Trevino

    Excellent! I’m comfortable that the stats are directional and presented with insight–no need for hair-splitting. Look forward to reading your book.

    One question: Who does the great music?

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the kind words!

      First video: Fat Boy Slim “Right Here Right Now”
      Second Video ROI: “Tennessee” by Bob Sinclair

  46. Erica

    Your # 24:
    26.6% blog about products and brand on slide 21 according to the social media research wave, not 34%.

    1. equalman


      Thank you for reaching out with your question. This particular stat 34% blog about products or services is pulled from Slide 5 near the very bottom of the slide:

      I hope this helps!

  47. Richard Buettner

    Something for school books…
    Thanks for it!

  48. Bobby

    I was wondering if you could explain to me more about what Socialnomics is.

  49. steve raquel

    I have been using this video when teaching recently for Northwestern and the University of Illinois marketing and advertising students. While it’s a great video, already it is dated.

    Not a fault of your own, but it is amazing that social media continues to grow, even after the eye popping stats.

    Between your videos and David Armano’s social media visual depictions, you guys make my job so much easier….

    Thank you!

    1. equalman

      Thanks for the kind words!! I was just speaking this week and saying even though the video is 2 months old things move so fast! Facebook already has over 300 million users. A new video will be coming out soon!

      1. RobertKCole


        I realize that I have been a harsh critic, but I remain a strong supporter of Social Media and its benefits. Understanding that a new video is in the works, I would sincerely be interested in assisting you with the fact checking this time out – it will make your message much more credible.

  50. Chris Stuart

    Your link to Marta Kagan’s “What The F**K is Social Media” is broken; it has an extra paren at the end

    1. equalman

      Thanks for the heads up! This has been fixed.

    2. equalman

      Thanks for the heads up! This has been fixed.