11 responses to “Obama School Speech Addresses Facebook for "Glass House" Generation”

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  5. Adam

    Adam here again. I see the points that you’re making as far as building up a strong portfolio goes, but it doesn’t put my mind at ease. I didn’t put my question out very well in the first place. I’ll try again:
    In a growing world of free information, does an online portfolio of work really help? or does it just fuel the minds of others who are also working for free? Is the market for skilled writers diminishing because there’s no incentive to pay for information?

  6. Conrad Hall

    Hi Erik,

    I agree with your reply to Adam and think there is more to be said.

    As a writer, posting to social media sites is a direct reflection on my skills. As a marketer, the things I put onto social media sites make me more, or less, attractive to prospects.

    Employers and clients want to hire qualified, real people.

    Post about your hobbies and interests. One of mine is photography, and I use Facebook to display the photos I take.

    When it comes to employers searching social media sites, it seems very much like judging a person by how they dress for an interview. Be careful about how you dress your profile.

    Thank you for the post, Erik.

    1. equalman

      I like the line here: “Be careful about how you dress your profile.” Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  7. Travis W.

    President Obama is a tool – a very smart one, but tool nontheless. No one gives a crap about what “he” actually has to say. It’s the genius marketing team and dedicated research staff that deserve ALL the credit for anything said in this post.

  8. Adam

    My question is:
    Is there anything you could possibly post on YouTube or Facebook that would ENCOURAGE someone to hire you?
    Adam @Advent Creative Web Design

    1. equalman


      If your an actor, dancer, film editor, motivational speaker, creative director, etc. some of the clips you can put on YouTube should help get you hired. Thanks for adding to the conversation. – Erik

    2. Andy

      Blog about what you’re studying. If you’re aiming to get into a specific field as a career, interact with professionals who are already there. Treat it like homework. Post something relevant.

      YouTube, Facebook, MySpace… all social networking sites have a silver lining that makes them useful.