14 responses to “Is Google Turning Into a Social Media Company?”

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  6. Eric M.

    The Google Sidewiki project does seem to be very interesting. So Google is trying to allow user input upon searches, made through their search engine, in a way that would hopefully filter searches in a way that reflects the majority of user opinions? I’m not sure how, but this is done not just by quantity, but also by the quality of the comment?

    If this is how it is, all of Google Sidewiki seems very powerful, and could be a very interesting means of seeing what the public votes as the best internet web pages for a particular search. I don’t necessarily think that this will help a large number smaller internet pages (a number which is fair to enough smaller pages). I mean, once a few things get big enough they can drown out the attention others get. It would be interesting to see if major media sources would still be dominant when people would be more so able to control what is determined to be good or not.

    I wonder sometimes if just because something is determined to be popular, through means of consumer demand, does that really prove it to be the best (web page, or whatever it may be)?

    Would this program help or hurt small and upcoming websites?

  7. Jeremy Head

    Brilliant post Erik. Completely agree… I’m bored of Google chucking me freebies… I’d like them to make search better. Much better. There’s far more the core product could do…

  8. cindy kim

    Eric – great article and summary of what Google is doing. I definitely think that for people who get social media and all of the technical aspects of the tools out there as well as the complex interworkings of the Web will appreciate what Google is attempting to do. As Google is the largest search engine that’s currently used, they have the upper hand on how to make measuring sentiment around social media. However, the shift from a search engine tool to social media player will be a hard one and Google has some stiff competition ahead of them, especially with more social networking companies like Twitter and Facebook as well as LinkedIn looking to integrate their platforms for ease of use and better synchronization of information and people. On a side note, this is a reminder to all the brands out there that more tools will be available to the “users” to define and comment on the pros and cons of various brands and people. What businesses now have to do is be proactive and learn how to leverage these tools to their advantage. The control is out of our hands…and is now in the hands of the users. Let’s hope that more companies continue to listen and monitor as well as engage in a meaningful conversation not just for the sake of pushing their own agenda. BTW – my husband Scott Van Horne went to school with you in MI. Go Blue!

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the great post! What a small world, please give my best to Scott and tough loss to MSU. – Erik

  9. Jonathan Dingman

    Small typo I think.

    “google is getting series” probably should be “serious” instead.

    great post :)

    1. equalman


      Glad you liked the post. Great catch on the typo – this has now been fixed. Thanks for reading and for the help! – equalman

  10. Oscar Del Santo

    Thank you for these great updates. One can definitely not accuse Google of not being both ‘pro’ and ‘re’ active in this fast-paced world of the social web.

  11. rbnolan

    Great article and I totally agree with what you are saying, Eric.
    Question: do you think the general public will appreciate or care that Google is committed to open standards while Facebook is a walled-off proprietary world separate from the Internet? Does Google have to win purely on cool features or does commitment to openness count for anything?
    Google in this case has even gone so far as to open source the entire Wave project. My guess is that this will only help in terms of the developer adoption it inspires.
    Roger Nolan