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  1. Josh Phillips

    This is a great list of usable statistics. Information such as this can be used to help companies find where to put social media inside their marketing strategy.

    1. equalman


      Always good to hear feedback that companies are able to utilize the data in a helpful way. Thanks!!



  2. Scchool man

    Great works. Thank you for material!

    1. equalman

      You are welcome!!

      - Erik

  3. Netwave Interactive

    I particularly like…

    What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook…

    I love reading all these statistics. When you have the numbers in front of you, it really puts the whole thing into perspective and just how much social media has become a part of our daily lives. I can’t even think back to the days before Facebook, Twitter, etc. I probably spent half the time on the internet!

    1. equalman


      Glad you like the Vegas line. I agree with you that it would be hard to imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  4. Jochen Cloetens

    Amazing presentation!!

    A pity Sony has blocked the video now in my country (Belgium) because of the Fatboy Slim soundtrack :(

    1. equalman

      Bummer. I have posted on Vimeo as well which often doesn’t get blocked. Here you go:

      Saludos! @equalman

  5. Allen

    Are you making the video available for download in a high quality format?

    1. equalman

      Thanks for the interest Allen. Happy to help any way that I can. Just sent you a note via email that should be helpful for your video needs.

      1. JohnT.

        Hi this is a great follow-up to the first video. I also am interested in finding out how I can download the video if possible? Thank you!

  6. initcap

    Great video!
    I’ve just posted it on my blog:

  7. Jethro Jean-Baptiste

    I think that it is definitely more difficult for defining a clear strategy when it comes to participating in social media. However, there are great sites like SalesFuel that integrates with LinkedIn, so that B2B marketers and sales reps can use social selling to make warmer sales calls. Try the free trial and connect to 32+ million companies with in-depth profiles.

  8. Max Mustermann

    WTF ?!? “Dieses Video enthält Content von WMG und Sony Music Entertainment. Es ist in deinem Land nicht mehr verfügbar.” Read: Your video is not available in Germany.

  9. Alison Campbell

    Great site!! Probably ‘THE’ most interesting I’ve come across. Keep up the good work!!

  10. Rick Clark

    Thanks for your timely insights. @rcl4rk

  11. shannon

    Just a note that your video embed code is iPad unfriendly, with no other way to link to YouTube itself. might want to look at you method of doing YouTube embeds.

  12. Jay Williams

    Your videos just keep getting better and better. It really puts everything in perspective and shows just how effective and popular social networking has become. It is a great sales tool. Thanks

  13. Netwave Interactive

    This is a great video! It really puts everything in perspective and shows just how effective and popular social networking has become. Thanks for the facts!

  14. Eileen

    Hi Erik,

    I love your video. I wanted to make up something like this for work- can you tell me what software package your using? Thanks!


  15. Dan Calladine

    I enjoyed this video, and I’m glad that you’ve posted the script and sources this time.
    However I also agree that the juxtaposition of the first two statements is misleading – what it should say is:
    1 – Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old
    2 – 96% of US online 9-17 year olds use media tools like social network and IM
    (not “2 – 96% of them have joined a social network”)
    I’m sorry, but this kind of sloppy data use and wording undermines everything that goes after it!

    Also, you may be interested in my stats blog –

    Best wishes @dancall

  16. Mark Sadler


    What a brilliant video and very well made !!

    As it is on Utube i am assuming it’s purpose is seo and therefore i think i will embed it on my site.

    i have also forwarded it onto a blog owner i know, so that should help get it out there.

    Well done !

  17. rhea

    I totally agree with your comment regarding good old Dale Carnegie :) His books are fantastic, I think anyone working in social media should read his How to Win Friends and Influence People.

    Thanks for writing the book!

  18. Peter Hughes

    Another phenomenal summation of the importance of social media. I still enjoy responding the question of “ROI on Social Media” and I think the sense that companies who don’t participate in the space might be out of business in 5 years is a strong message. Thanks, Erik!

  19. Petra Slovenia

    Like the rest of the readers I also was amazed by the figures and facts… However – in the video, there is statement No 25:
    If you were paid a $1 for every time an article was posted on Wikipedia you would earn $ 1.712,32 per hour, yet in the resume the number ist about 11 times lower: … $156.23 per hour.

    Where’s the mistake?

  20. Blake

    Great video…With proper credit for your efforts, is this video available for companies to show to their employees? Don’t want to step on any copyright/licensing rights…

  21. Gordon Langmann

    Excellent, I’ll use this with my senior management.

  22. alainchesnais

    Thanks for posting this update. It is a very powerful video! A friend of mine questioned point #5 about 1 in 8 married couples having met on line last year. Doing a bit of research, it turns out that the cited data comes from a poll taken in the 2004-2005 timeframe, not last year. A newer poll run by Harris Interactive on a sample set of 10,000 between 2006 and 2007 comes up with a much higher proportion: 19%, or almost 1 in 5, american newlyweds surveyed during that period said that they had met online. I was amazed at how high that figure was. Source: New Scientist, August 15, 2008


  23. Roderic Rinehart

    I showed your video to preservice teachers as part of my research project and presentation on technology, education, and the Web 2.0.

    It is a moving and sometimes shocking video to people who previously had little knowledge of social media.

    Excellent job man.

    1. equalman

      Always glad that it helps to influence teachers! As a professor and also on the EF Education team it’s near and dear to my heart. Thanks for the positive feedback!

      - Erik

  24. Sahil Mehrotra

    I want to personally let you know that I love this video. I have seen it over and over again, and am in awe of the stats. Please continue to release periodic updates, I love these!

    1. equalman

      Thanks Sahil! I will try and keep the videos coming.

      - @equalman

  25. Scott Walker

    Very well put together video and perfectly illustrates how big social media has become.

  26. Torill Iversen

    Loving your video- thanks for making it and sharing !:)

  27. Torill Iversen

    Love your video – Thanks for making it and sharing :)


    @Jan Firsching: We have the same problem over here. :-(

    Maybe someone can upload the video to vimeo or another video-portal?

    1. equalman

      Sensory & @ Jan Firshing:

      I just loaded to vimeo here:

      Please let me know if this helps! Thanks for the interest.


        Yes, that works. Thank you. :-)

  29. Mark

    Your juxtaposition of stats 1 and 2 is very misleading.

    1 # Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old
    2 # 96% of them have joined a social network

    Since the global population is close to 7 billion, this would imply that something like 3.3 billion under 30 year olds have joined a social network.

    However, your own source for stat 2 is quite clear that its only talking about the US. It has nothing to say about the number of under 30s who have joined social media in China or India or Indonesia, for example.

    1. Richard

      I agree with you Mark. In fact, if you read the linked study, it says that 96% of **online** teens/tweens (9-17 years old) report ever using a social networking site.
      What’s frustrating is that this is still an impressive statistic without any misrepresentation – but the implication by the way it is presented in the video is misleading IMO.
      Also frustrating is that the author took the time to respond to most of the complimentary comments, but declined to react to your critical comment.

    2. equalman


      You both make good points and thanks for taking the time to send feedback.

      All minds think differently so when we view something we interpret it differently.

      For stat 1 and stat 2 – I place them on different slides and also don’t use the word “them” after 96%….

      On the (9-17 years) to keep the video tight/clean easier to view it’s often difficult to list every stat in the video. Hence, why I list all the sources along with the data points out on the Blog.

      No question I’m not perfect, nor is the video, but hopefully you found most of it enjoyable and helpful.

      Thanks again for sending me your thoughts!

      Best, Erik

      1. Alexis

        @Mark @Richard and @equalman,
        Frankly, after reading the stats mentioned above (# Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old
        # 96% of them have joined a social network), the second statement just felt too good to be true. After looking up the numbers (here : I discovered it was in fact from a Grunwald Associates US study (sample of 1,277 aged 9-17) which stated (back in 2007 might I add!) that “96% of online teens/tweens report ever having used any type of social networking technology including IM/chat, text messaging and email.”

        Equalman, when you say that “All minds think differently so when we view something we interpret it differently.”, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that:
        1.World population=US
        2.Under 30=9-17
        3.Social media=everything from social media networks to chat/IM/email
        I think all of this is indeed quite misleading, and in my opinion facts are facts, you can’t interpret them that much!
        Apart from that, your video was really awesome and I enjoyed the music too!

  30. Howard Brown

    Would love to get the presentation you just sent.
    Just sent out the tiny URL to your book on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN groups
    Great way to engage and discuss social media to our faith based client that are slower to adopt

  31. equalman


    Glad you find it amazing – thanks!


  32. Peter Scherman

    We work with the Innkeeping industry and have been showing the past version of this to current and aspiring innkeepers to show them how important it is to get with the program in marketing their inns to their guests. Thanks for updating it, as we have recently been mentioning how it was out of date but still powerful!

    1. equalman

      Peter – this is great! I agree it had gotten outdated and quickly! Glad this helps!


  33. Phil

    Thank you so much for also giving all the facts in writing. I can’t view the video because it contains an Audio-track copyrighted by WMG and Sony Entertainment… That’s something youtube desperately needs to fix: International copyright-compability. It’s so bloody annoying to not be able to view half of the vids due to these issues, just because my internet access is from outside the US.
    Looks like I need to improve my computer skills until I’m able to use proxy-servers or something of the sort…

    1. equalman


      This is a good point. I’ll try and release one with music that can be played globally!

  34. vibinvixen

    Interesting facts! Thanks for doing all that research for all of us to read.

    1. equalman

      Thanks for the kind words – you are welcome!


  35. Claude Oggier

    Great piece Erik!
    I have posted your video on my blog and passed it along to the Lift conference community which is currently taken place in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Keep going;-)

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the continued support!! It’s nice to know I can always count on you!

      Best, Erik

  36. Eric Dirschedl

    Thanks to WMG and SME it’s unforunaly not avaiable in Germany.
    Do you fancy uploading this to vimeo?

    1. equalman

      Will do!

      1. Eric Dirschedl

        Thanks a lot.
        I really appreciate your videos.

  37. Josh Martin

    Great update to the video, Erik! We use this video in many of our presentations at our agency here in Atlanta. It’s been a great way to show our clients the power of social media.

    I just posted an update to my blog about the new video too:

  38. Ruth Szpunar

    Good timing on the refresh! I’m teaching a class on the impact of social media for college freshman this fall, this is the video I was going to show them on the first day to get them hyped up, and now I’ve got an updated one! Awesome!

  39. Huzefa Kapadia

    Re-iterating what everyone else has already said, Thank You for putting all of this together…very insightful and yet at the same time, astounding! Is this where communication is headed…from inter-personal to virtually inter-personal?

  40. DK

    JUICY stuff here and adding my voice to the many who are thanking you for putting it together – use past videos (and obvious this one) in my talks and training on social media – keep ‘em coming!

  41. Jan Firsching

    I guess this video is great but thanks to Sony and WMG I’m not able to watch it in Germany!

  42. Daniel Baur

    Hey Erik, best most awsomest video on social media I’ve seen yet :)

    Writing my masters thesis on social media and I can use some of your references perfectly. Thanks a million for listing them!

    I’m writing a blog next to my thesis and I’ve archived all the statistics I’ve gathered in the last couple of months here ( if you want to have a look.

    Thanks again.

  43. equalman


    Mutual Appreciate Club Mari – love all the great work you are doing in the space. The fact you find these videos helpful speaks volumes with the clients you deal with!! Thanks again.


  44. Stephanie Wonderlin

    Erik – This video is amazing yet again! I was so excited to see all the updated information! I love sharing this with everyone! Thanks for putting this together!!

    1. equalman

      Stephanie: As your videos are always A+ quality this means a ton coming from you! Thanks!

  45. kmueller62

    Loved the first one and loved the second. So compelling. I play this for clients and potential clients…and every time I still find myself mesmerized.

    Thanks for updating this. Though at this rate, we’ll need an even newer version in just a few months!

    1. equalman


      Yes, we might be updating in weeks rather than months soon. When I sat down to edit I couldn’t believe how much had changed! Very cool.


  46. Stan Dubin

    I reposted your first video and this update is more than worthy of passing along.

    And the musical “score” doesn’t hurt.

    1. equalman

      Thanks Stan – Yes, I decided not to mess with success and simply refresh rather than re-do. Cheers @equalman

  47. Leslie Beeson

    My god its a whole armoury of info… great stuff! Thank you, thank you.

    1. equalman


      Bonus points to you for the use of the word armoury!

      - equalman

  48. Lewis Howes

    Love this stuff Eric! Great statistics and awesome video my man.

    1. Lewis Howes

      haha, I meant Erik… with a “k” :)

  49. Ricardo Bueno

    Erik: I thoroughly enjoyed your book and the first version of your video. Needless to say I enjoyed this one as well.

    1. equalman


      Glad you liked the book as well as the videos! As an author it means a ton to receive positive feedback, thanks a bunch! Feel free to leave your comments for others on Amazon if compelled, if not, no worries! Thanks again for the support!


  50. Heather Ozur

    Love it! Amazing information. This makes so many good points on the importance of Social Media in your business.
    May I use this in a presentation to Women’s Council of Realtors group in Washington, DC on 5/14/2010 ( with attribution) I will not have an internet connect in the room; do you have a way to imbed into a PowerPoint presentation?

    1. equalman

      Thanks Heather! I just sent you a note to your e-mail. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else!


      1. JR

        Hi Erik. Awesome video!!! I have a similar situation as Heather. We are presenting to a group of Florida lawmakers and investors on why it is important to bring South Florida into the new economy. You hit the nail on the head. May we download it and use it, with attribution, also?

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