18 responses to “Apple Keynote Demo Fail”

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  8. Jason

    Apple us human! I love Steve Jobs’ sense of humour about the whole thing! I also enjoyed the one guy who shouted out “Verizon!”

  9. equalman

    Steve was smooth in handling it that’s for sure. I’m not sure how calm he was behind closed doors and we may never know.

    Thanks for reading.

  10. Casey Cheshire

    To all the stalwart defenders of Apple, let’s not forget they were not forced into agreement with AT&T.

    It was entertaining and ironic to see Steve Jobs experience some of the pains everyday users often encounter. @Stan and @Derek it was definitely a #fail as the presentation had to be delayed. However, kudos to Apple for actually figuring out the issue and making it work.

    My favorite moment was when Jobs asked Scott for suggestions to fix the demo and someone in the crowd yelled: VERIZON!

  11. Stan Dubin

    Hi Erik, gotta disagree with you on this one. Apple’s demo didn’t fail…Jobs actually succeeded in handling a short-coming in what a WiFi provider should’ve handled well.

    Your message that we’re human and even the best stumble is always a good message, it just didn’t come through clearly on this example.

    1. equalman

      Thanks Stan & Derek. I thought Jobs did a good job of keeping his cool. Keep in mind that Apple was the one that has made the decision to dance with AT&T. Similar to when Toyota outsources their breaks to someone else, or if an Intel chip fails inside a computer. This Demo was particularly salient since many of us experience the same frustration with the AT&T coverage and the person in a position to do something about it is Apple.

      Casey, I also thought it was funny when someone from the audience shouted Verizon to fix the problem.

      Here’s to brighter days! Thanks Derek, Stan, Casey for the comments and for reading the blog.

      Best, Erik

      1. Stan Dubin

        I’m wondering if it was even AT&T providing the WiFi at the event. They’re on the clock for cellular coverage for sure, but any hot spot with the pipes would allow WiFi coverage of the Apple event.

        And I was not a huge fan of Apple’s choice of AT&T either, but I think AT&T is actually making strides to improve their service and coverage. So strange to recall when they were essentially a monopoly and now they have to hustle for market share.

        I’d love to know exactly what happened in those early negotiations between Apple and Verizon and AT&T. I’ve heard a few versions, but nothing I could be 100% certain of.

        Keep up the good postin, Erik.

    2. equalman

      Thanks Stan and I agree with you – to be a fly on the wall during those negotiations would have been great!

  12. Derek

    Not a relevant point – this is the wireless provider’s problem, not Apple’s.

    I really don’t get people that jump on the bandwagon poking at Apple, saying it’s a “Fail” and they obviously don’t understand how these things work.

    That said, Steve handled it smooth enough considering it was unexpected.

  13. Randy Christenhusz

    I agree that the best of the best sometimes sumble, but in this case I’d gladly roll the blame onto AT&T’s crappy network, not on Apple.

  14. equalman

    Claude: Great point Claude. Glad you liked the post.

    Cheers, Erik

  15. Claude Oggier

    Awesome Erik;-) Definitely something I want to share with my network! I think Steve Jobs handle the situation quite well but you are right, it feels good to see that even the best of the best occasionally stumbles.