19 responses to “Facebook & Social Media Privacy”

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  10. Dan Gilliland

    I have not change my Privacy settings since I set up my account 2 years ago and my information is not available to everyone.

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    Very interesting!

  12. Jeremy K. Smith

    57% of people survey see google street view as “intrusive”. Very interesting.

  13. Timeea Vinerean

    By the way: so what if people post their entire street address and other confidential data? The key question is this: how much of the information on the Internet is true? I never use 100% true data…why should I? Isn’t my name enough?

  14. Timeea Vinerean

    I love this privacy – cartoon!!!

    Regarding social media and privacy, I have only one thing to say: Anything you post, say, share…can and will be used against you :)

  15. equalman


    Great 80′s references! Don’t forget the Apple Mac 1984 Super Bowl “Orwellian” commercial…interesting times then and today indeed!


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    When I read information notice things are similar in Mexico, but in a smaller proportion. People buy cctv cameras for home and office every day

  17. Julian Gan

    Come to think of it, the writers of Socialnomics should write a book about “keeping your privacy in a braggadocian world”.

    1. equalman


      That would be a great book! Discussing this particular paradox!


  18. Bobbi-Jo @Bright Life Travel

    Per Rockwell… Gotta love music from the 80′s!

    Which also ties in nicely with this post alluding to “Big Brother” from Orwell’s 1984.