8 responses to “Best Time to Post”

  1. Tu Michael

    I live in Vietnam (gmt +7). what is the time zone are u referring to?
    anyway, very helpful post. thanks!! :)

  2. Cassandra

    Yes he hit hit on the head. Finally someone is who knows what they are talking about. Timing is everything. I will be following all future post


  3. Sinea Pies

    This is great to know. Since a lot of my writing is done at night or on weekends, the temptation is to send right when their done. I will do my best to change that to maximize readership!

  4. Jason Mitchell

    I actually think that the hypothesis that you should follow that guide when posting is wrong for one simple reason: noise. Although there are the most conversations happening at those times as your graph points out, it is also the time when the most people are posting, thus giving your Facebook status update the shortest shelf life (the time it takes to get pushed far down the stream). Because of that, I often find that weekend posts and posts at odd-times actually get the highest level of feedback because you are not fighting with so many other people and pages that are posting.

  5. Claude Trew

    Hi Erick
    These are very interesting facts and something I will keep in mind when I am doing my next post.

    But why Wednesday is so popular? Is it because it is mid week, the worse two days of the week (Monday and Tuesday) are behind and that people we more relax as the weekend is just two days away?
    Or it is because a lot of people have caught up with all the important emails received over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday and have more time to read not so important one?

    Whatever, thanks for the tips.


  6. Stan Dubin

    If you’re just posting once or twice a week, how would you staggger these in relation to time zones?

  7. Eyder Borges

    Hi Erick, i write for a blog with digital medias contents, so could i translate these infografics to portuguese and post it?

  8. Timeea Vinerean

    Great post, fabulous video! Very funny :) )
    Creating, distributing and posting content is a critical step in any social media campaign and this article points out how important timing is. Here’s one of my favourite quotes “Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is the Catskills.” Al Ries