10 responses to “Leaked Screenshot Hints at Google's Social Ambitions”

  1. Andrew

    Unfortunately in the UK is receiving bad press from businesses and whilst this may be a very small number of businesses providng feedback to me, I do feel that their ad explosion and heavily discounted offers are not providng businesses in the UK with positive branding and this is short termism for cash growth in any business model. I could be wrong and groupon may take over the world but the UK is consumer is a little more conscious of value for money rather than incentives to buy products and services of no real use.

    Just my 2p worth of thought on Groupon

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the insight from the UK – always great to get insider information from progressive international markets.

      Cheers, equalman

  2. Ken Adams

    It’s probably a response to FaceBook’s messaging system…

  3. Ken Adams

    It’s probably a reply to FaceBook’s messaging…

  4. Filipe

    rockmelt has this feature already…

    1. equalman

      How do you like rockmelt Filipe? This seems to be picking up steam.

  5. Kay

    hmmmmmm I bet Google has passed this ‘confidential’ and ‘leaked’ image to Techcrunch to try and create intrigue

    1. equalman


      Sadly I think you are right….

  6. Judith Dudley

    For some reason I’m just not surprised that Groupon wanted to stay independent. Doesn’t Google have a history of burying the companies it buys? Hey, I’m just sayin. :) You may be right though. They may look back and regret it one day.

    1. equalman


      I agree with you that many acquisitions like this don’t make for a good marriage. Hat’s off to the owners of Groupon for staying with their “baby” I just think the value was at an all-time high. Good be wrong though! We’ll see in the coming years!