5 responses to “Chartiy Uses QR Codes to Increase Donations”

  1. Marla Grant

    I can see SO many applications for this for the blood center; partner with high traffic locations, displaying a small graphic at check-out that includes a QR code to connect people with the blood mobile schedule in their area; sends them to a landing page with the gift of the month for donating blood; upcoming events at which the blood center will have drives; info about annual golf tournament; instant donation site for the Foundation – the mind boggles at the possibilities!

    1. equalman

      Great point Marla!! Make it happen if you can.

      Cheers, equalman

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  2. Brant Emery

    Interesting development.

    I’m interested in if they decided to only use QR codes, thus excluding many non-smartphone owners, or if the QR code was displayed alongside a range of other options, an integrated approach, with other response mechanisms, such as the lowly URL…

    If so, PR based decision or they saw value in QR above other approaches?

    1. equalman

      Great question Brant. I believe this was additive to more traditional means for donations. The smart thing is that they realize they will get a PR lift using QR codes. So even if a ton of people don’t use them, the word will get out (e.g. this post is a good example).

      Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!


  3. equalman

    Very cool Patrick. Here’s all their contact information – thanks again!