10 responses to “Spotify Still Not in U.S. – Why Not?”

  1. Mike

    Wired just ran a really good in-depth article on this as well. The biggest hurdles are that record labels and copyright holders are fragmented in the US as opposed to under one agreement in Europe, as well as a freemium model that US record execs can’t seem to grasp.

    Search for “Spotify Is the Coolest Music Service You Can’t Use” on Wired. I’m not able to add links to the post for some reason.

  2. Jonas

    Spotify has social sharing as well.

    1. Wessel JR

      Yes, that’s what I wrote.
      The possibilities to find friends are very limited, in my opinion.
      Spotify connects with Facebook and you can search within the Spotify searchbox on a rather user-unfriendly way.
      But no friendlist from, for example, your twitter account, or g-mail, or…

      1. equalman

        Thanks for the clarification JR.

    2. equalman

      Good point Jonas! I signed up for Apple’s Ping, but haven’t tested it much, have you?

  3. Wessel JR

    Actually, the comparison is not correct:
    Free Spotify does have limits: there’s a maximum of 20 hours per month and it has social sharing features for Twitter and Facebook.
    It is not possible to upload your own music (as far as I know), but it is possible to integrate your own music collection with Spotifys search results.

    1. equalman

      Wow, 20 hrs isn’t much. Thanks for letting everyone know that important point. Will be interesting a] if it ever gets to the US b] how it does


      1. Wessel JR

        Well, I hope so for you guys. I really love it.
        There are millions of songs to be found, even some pretty rare ones. And it’s very fast.
        Paid subscription gives you the possibility to download your playlists so you can listen off-line. You need a paid subscription to use Spotify on a mobile device.
        A premium account also gives you a better sound quality (320kbps).

        As far as I’m concerned, these kind of services are the start of the end of the CD. You don’t need one anymore, you have all the music there is available on-line.



  4. Chris

    Well, at least Americans receive access to some streaming music services. In Canada? no Last.FM, no Pandora, and certainly no Spotify. Thank goodness for Grooveshark. Don’t know how they did it.

    1. equalman

      Well Chris at least the Canadian dollar has been strong of late!