4 responses to “The Rift In Troika at Google: An Ex-Googler’s Journal”

  1. Elvia Karcich

    To conclude, an element that I’m just enthusiastic about. May very well looked for particulars of these level the past hrs. Your website is widely preferred.

  2. jeroen

    nice view ,it baffles me that a company the size of Google still has not figured out how to perform a solid retention of their visitors. the is the global platform of people passing through. trying to concentrate on copying the different aspects of successful cyber start ups the loose sight the service which it is know for. sometimes it is easier to look to the top and do everything to get there then being at the top and see the paralyzing abyss below. they could take the email service so much further , so much forward so much more mobile friendly.

  3. Naya Nandargi

    This is an decent insight of Google… I’m happy to have had you as my mentor @Google.

  4. Anonymous

    Too verbose and flowery. For an ex-employee, I am unsure if G will be too pleased with what you’ve written.