9 responses to “Social Media Tip of The Week”

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    Thanks for sharing. I found that your article is so constructive and full with life wisdom. You must be a really mature guy!

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  6. Ed Han

    Chris, I am completely in agreement & have resolved to start taking some of my Twitter connections to real-life, as the saying goes.

  7. Mavreen

    Great tip! Consistency is key!

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  8. Jacob Paulsen

    Great point. I can say from experience Eric that you do what you preach. The key is to remember that a small engaged network is much more valuable than a large network of followers with whom you don’t really engage at all.

  9. DigitalMediaSpin

    Good information. It is important to engage online and offline. Many people use Twitter as simply a promotional tool to blast out info exclusively about themself. Engagement truly is the key!