10 responses to “Chrysler Fires Agency over F*** Tweet”

  1. John Susko


    This article drew a tremendous amount of “comment spam” (I’m guessing because of your undoubtedly high page-rank).

    Don’t you moderate these ??? Some of them are blatantly obvious and a good many are damn illiterate.

    - John

  2. hörgerätepreise

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  3. Ray Vellest

    Great article Erik, thanks for sharing. I find it absurd to someone working with marketing to have such a low level of communication. It does not really matter if is over Twitter, Facebook or in real life. I believe that If you have nothing good to say, just don’t say it.

  4. Joakim Nilsson

    Aouch! I do have sympathy for the guy… I’ve done the same thing a couple of times but luckily corrected it shortly after. Managing +20 twitter profiles can be confusing sometimes.

    I suggest to keep you personal profiles on an other social media dashboard than your professional ones. But then again, where do you draw the line?

  5. SetSocial

    My friend and I were debating this because in some ways, this begs the need for a social media management tool with an approvals process. However, on the other hand, an approvals process defeats the purpose of fast/easy communication that social media needs. In this case, I think it’s just a case of one bad apple, but it does show that social media channels need to be manned by experienced and trustworthy people.

  6. sam

    On one hand yes… But on the other look how much publicity it’s getting them.

  7. Mavreen

    Never forget that branding extends beyond your internal staff!

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  8. Matt Visser

    That’s happened to me before, tweeting from the wrong account I mean. It’s a lesson you only have to learn once, but still, costly ouch for the agency in the end.

  9. Chase Rief

    Yikes! That was one expensive tweet for both the author and agency. I would not want to be there this morning!

  10. Flat Author - aka TF

    I teach my students the basics: don’t do online what you don’t do off line….easy….but social media education is necessary…especially when you’re not a digital native (and probly also for the digital native :-) )