13 responses to “215,000 “Like” Pippa Middleton’s Tush on Facebook”

  1. Neil J. Mason

    I love Pippa and I love her bum. I want to marry just her ass. Someone else can have the rest of her – I’m willing to share.

  2. Web Studio Gallery

    Wow… Of all the ways to use Facebook, even this came to me as a surprise!

  3. EM

    Wow — your comments have the worst dose of spam-botry I’ve ever seen first-hand. Maybe a capcha is called for??

    More to the point — why recommend Andrew Morton’s book?

  4. layla

    Usual media trash.

  5. Prince Albert

    You all know what’s best for the rhubarb, …don’t you?

  6. bob

    i was bobbing along to her bobastic bob. i could bob all night to a bob like that!

    1. bob

      mate what the fuck? get the bob out of here!

  7. bob

    i was bobbing along to her bobastic bob

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  9. Win

    I’m frankly shocked that a woman’s behind has become popular on the internet. Since when did the internet become so purile ;)

  10. oonagh

    I have just read that Pippa has been asked to do an adult film. Why would anyone think that Pippa would do this? I imagine her family would have fallen out with her anyway but with the future queen as her sister!

    Is this true?

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  12. Ann Onymuss

    You need better spam comment filtering.