40 responses to “Social Media Revolution Video 2011”

  1. Jose Costa

    I’m sorry but I would like to know how did you make your excellent movie
    Can you help, please!

  2. Scott Kinder

    Hi Erik,

    Off-topic, but what tool was used to create that cool video?


  3. Andrew Rangel

    It would be nice if this was viewable on the iPad

  4. Debbie Harris

    Sorry I missed you at the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans. I could not attend although I had planned on it.

  5. Debbie Harris

    Thank you Erik. This is wonderful. Your videos blow people away and really show the impact of what many of us already know, social media is here to stay and changing the way we communicate. Bringing the world closer together, challenging governments and creating lasting relationships, WOW. Thanks so much.

  6. tammy hoffman

    Thanks so much for this wonderful video. What strikes me the most is how it made me feel–inspired, warm and hopeful that a movement of compassion and humanity is making its way on the “social media” train. I am producing a video on social change right now, and would love to talk to you about it at some point. You really really know what you are doing! Thanks Tammy Hoffman
    twitter: tammyhoffman2

  7. Tech Organics

    Excellent presentation and wonderful video. I was tired of watching the old ‘social media revolution’ videos where the FB users were only 500M. Now that’s something NEW. still need to add some more #facts !

    Thanks again for this.

  8. Amber

    Hi Erik,

    Lot of interesting stats. Like Mark asked above, can you please pull together a page with sources?


  9. Gabriel

    Excelent!Video the world every day change for the socialmedia.

  10. Michael

    OUTSTANDING Erik! Love, Love, Love stats when working with prospects Erik! Looking forward to your future ones! Thanks from Sarasota, FL!

  11. Pat Gallardo

    Erik- this is just mind-blowing! Thanks for putting this together- am doing a keynote speech at a business summit next week for Mgt accountants & business leaders- I hope you don’t mind me referencing your video, especially that the summit’s theme is all about business challenges and change! It would be interesting to see how the biggest industries have become SM-dependent: travel takes comments put out there as customer feedback, Tor F are now sources of free market research, etc.

  12. Lesley Wood

    You are a star! Running an inbound marketing event on Friday – just in time. Thank you so much.

  13. Mark Broughton

    Hi Erik

    Great video! I was wondering if you could share the sources of these stats?


  14. Robyn

    Nice video clip! Amazing how fast social media is growing! Can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring!

  15. Vivienne

    Hi Erik,

    I was wondering if you see that certain business are just not really into social media while others are. IMO Medical/Pharma is to reluctant to actively really use social media to their advance. Especialy when it comes down to clinical trials and drug development. While I keep shouting they should as pateints are way ahead of them (and as a doctor I am right in between these two parties). I keep sharing your facts with them, but it’s not always a welcomed message.

  16. David Caron

    Woohoo! Love these stats!

  17. Bill Uttich

    Erik- I use a lot of the stats on the video in my demo’s. It blows people away.



  18. Eyesocket Dallas Web Design

    Great video! Love it! I am going to share it with all of my customers, especially those who aren’t convinced of the need to communicate with customers through social media channels.

  19. Josh

    It makes me ask why those business owners who aren’t on social media WHY?

  20. Alana

    Saw your presentation today at the IASA conference. Loved the video.

  21. AC Staley

    AMAZING! I absolutely love this video. Indeed, the revolution is alive and well.

  22. Jeroen

    Nice new one! Like the tune and the new stuff. Could put is some customer experiences more, or power of co-creation. Helpfull feedback I hope.. Good luck with the new revolution!

    1. Arielle

      I agree with Jeroen. It would be great for the video to touch on crowd-sourcing with social media.
      Thanks for the updated video.