3 responses to “Students that Use Twitter Score Higher GPAs”

  1. Tracy Brady

    Wow! What a great infographic! I’m adding it to the livebinder I hope to present to my admin…..soon

  2. Rose (German to English Translator and blogger, starting Human Aspects of Information Technology Masters in 2 months!)

    Hi Erik

    Thanks for this great post. It really puts my mind at ease!

    I will be starting my Master’s degree soon in a related area – Human Aspects of Information Technology – and I have been worrying if my blog and twitter could cause me some distractions (the related emails alone). This is quite a relief…

  3. Social Marketing Dynamics

    This infographic is amazingly true. My sister who is a college student spends more hours doing twitter and facebook – i though she’s just chatting idly with her friends but I found out they were doing their homework there – they share documents, insights, and info for their lessons which is amazing