3 responses to “Social Media Case Study: Audi”

  1. Jenny Wilmshurst

    Awesome resuts!

    No ablity to measure Social Media ROI? Let’s look again?

    I’d love to share what I discovered as a result of searching for a way to forecast and measure Socail Media ROI.

    There is a tool that can track 18 or so channels for ROI, and benefit before during and after a campaign to tweak the campaign efficiency. Look at Klurig Analytics and tell Dag Holmboe I sent you.

    - Jenny Wilmshurst – Tweet Twins Social Media

  2. Social Marketing Dynamics

    That is what social media must be about – not tricking the search engines. The thing Audi did was astounding. It does not take rocket science to figure out how a company can rise above the rest – be true and use the right people.