12 Reasons why it is mostly Guys on Google+


Recent statistics from Google+ show that 86.5% of people using the new Google+ are guys…..

And 1.4% are other, I think that’s the Mashable, New Media Film Festival, New York Giants and more…. i.e. businesses (even though Google asked businesses not to do, but hey how are they going to stop them?)

In the top 100 Google+ users 15 are female, which is not many – where are all the women ?  As a female online I am rather disappointed that “girl power” is just not there.  Having used Google+ here’s why I think this is the case,

  1. They didn’t get invited in the initial set of invites
  2. There aren’t enough women running online/tech companies
  3. The top people in companies such as Google & Facebook are guys
  4. There aren’t as many women in this space period
  5. Having played with Google+ it isn’t as visually appealing as Facebook
  6. Although it may be mainstream in the tech world it isn’t in the “real” world
  7. Women are more cynical after the *HUGE* success of Google Buzz (that’s sarcasm J)
  8. There are less female geeks than male geeks
  9. It’s invite only, so creates scarcity and guys have bigger ego’s
  10. For women it is “what’s the point if none of my friends are on it?”
  11. From the reviews it doesn’t really offer much more than Facebook
  12. Guys want to show off by telling friends they are on Google+

One writer for Mashable – Tamar Weinberg believes that it will yes have lots of sign ups, but the number of actual users won’t actually reach critical mass as it doesn’t address any unmet needs, she sees it as a glorified Facebook.  I tend to agree… would love to see what any guys reading this think!  Did you join to feel special?



One response to “12 Reasons why it is mostly Guys on Google+”

  1. Rodrigo

    Agree that google+ is a glorified facebook, however, I believe it may pose a threat to sites such as “linkedin” in that I does provide a number of professional tools e.g. Google Docs, Enterprise email etc…..

    On the above note, (social point of view) people on facebook have invested too much of their time and uploading images, hence, many will opt to stay with what they know and where friends are. After all, there’s no point going to a party if you’re going to be there all alone….