21 responses to “Social Media ROI – Video Comedy”

  1. Incasso

    Great movie thanks alot

  2. Advertising Agency

    Great video, specially like the part of have 2 ipads….

  3. Gloria

    Thank you! I needed that. Course my colleagues are probably wondering why I am Laughing out Loud.

  4. Stephanie

    Totally agree with the core message, but a little long-winded for me (sorry!).
    I guess Social Media is scrutinized to much for ROI because it is new, people don’t trust it and maybe…look for excuses not to use it because it is out of their comfort zone!

  5. Mark Quinn

    What is print? I love it, very funny.

  6. Brian Wojcik

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

    What other business puts “business critical” work in the hands of interns?

  7. Alex Putman

    This is great! You mean radio, tv, sports etc… don’t measure every single ROI!!! Good stuff!

  8. Lesley Aveyard

    Great video Erik, as always :)

    I would really like it more if it were tailored to over here in the UK. The words ‘Intern’ and ‘schmoo’ (is that how its spelt?) don’t mean much to your average business person in the UK. If you could swap these words for something english English that would be great and it would prove a valuable, entertaining tool for we ‘Purists’ over here :)

  9. Loic Jeanjean

    I love it. thanks for sharing this video Eric. Favorite part: what is print?

  10. Joe Buhler

    To all the Schmoos in the world who still have doubts!

  11. Ivone Rodríguez

    Great video! Here in México, or specially all Latin America it is been very difficult for the professionals like me who are dedicated to design social media strategist for companies and Goberment to get them to understand what is the real value of a strategy like this. Yesterday one of my clients asked me to implement a social media strategy to double to 10,000 assistants to his next expo this coming october (???) Go figure!
    I was wondering if I can subtitle the video in spanish to share it on my blog with other social media strategist professionals. BTW read yout book and loved it.

  12. Doug Lehman

    Nice video that looks at ROI on levels of media..I love how you are using video to tell the story, customer engagement and being sociable. Well Done.

  13. Barry MacQuarrie

    Great video! It almost makes you want to be a CMO.