4 responses to “Social Media Tools Map”

  1. Yasmin Bendror

    Eric, thanks for sharing. This is a great snapshot. I agree with all Heba’s comments above. BTW; “” IS Google+.

    Other comments: HOw come Twitter is not mentioned? Should be under Social Networks. I think some of the apps under Social Networks are a little outdated, like myspace, ning…these are falling off the map.

    Tools/ROI Tracking category is great, but I would also add a category for Website tracking: Google Analytics to tie this into SM tracking.

  2. anes

    Great… Map, Erik. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Heba @Garious1

    Awesome map, Erik. Thanks for sharing…I would definitely add Google+ as well as a category for social media market places such as
    Also, more categories should be added to social media tools. For example, I would include a category for Twitter Apps, Social CRM tools and Social Scheduling tools.
    But I guess this list covered the most important pieces of the puzzle. OverDrive interactive did a great effort in that regard, indeed. Thanks a lot for sharing.