3 Quick Tips for Digital Sales: Interview with Andrea Lake

With so much business being conducted on the internet these days, I find myself on a perpetual quest to discover the latest and greatest “secrets” for digital sales.  Not surprisingly, I often find that the “secrets” are really just the fundamentals, being practiced very well.  I recently sat down with StickerJunkie.comCEO, Andrea Lake, to discuss their digital sales strategy and what has made them so successful. Stickerjunkie sales are 100% digital and as such, optimizing their website traffic and experience is a must. Andrea attributed their success to three key strategies:

  • Letting customers share- After a person places an order  they are prompted to “Share” their stickers on their Facebook wall. On the wall it links visitors back to a unique personalized page on the StickerJunkie website displaying the stickers they just made. The page is within the StickerJunkie website, and invites the visitor to create their own stickers, oftentimes converting them to a client right on the spot.
  • Let customers create- While it is not necessarily feasible on all sites, giving customers the ability to customize their orders in a variety of ways gets them invested in the site. Our average time on the stickerjunkie.com site is 5 minutes, thanks to some simple customization tools
  • Let customers find you- We use a ton of ad-words and get VERY specific, all the way down to the exact type of sticker, be it bumper, refrigerator, etc. This level of specificity ensures we attract the exact type of customer we want.
And there you have it. Make your site fun, invite happy customers to share, and get real specific with your marketing campaigns!