2012 Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday in New Orleans: Different?

Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday must be different given the proliferation of camera phones and social media

Take the omnipresent clicks of camera phones (that basically every American carries), combine that with the fast and massive reach of social media, and you would seemingly have some impacts to the behavior exhibited at the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration.  I imagine their will be plenty of attendees that dabbled on the exhibitionist side of the Fat Tuesday celebration that now awake to find themselves being posted, tweeted and forwarded through the social media world in an unflattering light.  Worse yet are the now ubiquitous HD video cameras that are embedded in most phones which leads to an even more robust experience of sight, sound and motion.

It would be interesting to see if these new technological penalties actually deter some of the craziness that happens during the two-week celebration.  I would guess that once the King Cake is served and the Hurricanes start flowing, it is probably back to the ‘same ole, same ole’.  Too bad for the few, good entertainment for the masses…

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday