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Vine: 10 Creative Video Ideas for Your Business

Think Vine is just a fad for tweens and young adults? Perhaps it is…for now, but not for long. When you take a look at the following stats you can see that integrating an online video component into your overall social media strategy will be imperative for growth over the next 5 years.

Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016.

Only about 24 percent of national brands are using online video to market to consumers.

52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.


If you want to position your business or organization as a progressive leader within your industry, then creating a strong presence on Vine is a viable option for you to do just that. I have the creative juices flowing today, and in this post I’m sharing 10 ideas that anyone can use or tweak to fit their brand’s Vine campaign. Go ahead, steal these ideas!

  1. Use Vine to make a big announcement about your business or a new big promotion. Use the weeks leading up to your announcement to build up anticipation. Using Vine, capture 3 or 4 team members each sharing a snippet of the announcement and end with a big exciting announcement! (think confetti thrown, music, cheers, etc)
  2. While attending a promotional event or any occasion where you have several customers present, use Vine to tie together some testimonials. Vine is all about quick and to the point, so maybe each of them says the one word that comes to mind when they think of your business, product, your customer service, etc.
  3. Create a quick how-to video. Perfect for craft, tool or tech companies that have products that often require quick how-to tutorials. Don’t just show the typical how-to, give your Vine followers a hack they can use. Try and think of something you wouldn’t find in the owners manual but is hugely helpful. Pinterest is always good for finding hacks.
  4. Promote an awesome workplace culture. Consumers care about more than just products, they want to hear about how great it is to work for your company. Have employees use Vine to give your followers a virtual tour of the office or an inside look behind the scenes at your company.
  5. Along the lines of ‘behind the scenes,’ get into the warehouse or factory where your product is made and show the process from soup to nuts.
  6. Use Vine to create a killer stop motion video. Setting up for an event? Making something by hand? Get a quick video snippet of each step in the process to produce a creative stop motion video.
  7. Infuse some play and silliness into your videos. Take video snippets while trying to stack the most amount of your product as high as it will go. Keep stacking and save just enough seconds to catch the grand finale where it all falls down. If you are promoting a new product that is meant to be durable, this is a great way to show it’s durability.
  8. Along thew lines of durability, use Vine to show how much you can push, pull, prod at or drop your product without it breaking. Customers are MUCH more likely to buy in to an authentic-looking Vine video than some infomercial they believe is staged.
  9. Feature unique uses for your product. Spend some time searching Pinterest and you are sure to find someone that is using your product in a new and inventive way. Once you find a few of those unique uses for the product, feature them in a series of Vine videos.
  10. Are you in the food industry? Vine is perfect to show quick how-to videos and recipes for your product. Search #recipes and you will see how some people are already doing this. Add some production value by creating a chef character and have them dress the part…even if its just a little with a chef hat. Use an employee with a good sense of humor, and you got yourself a series of fun Vine videos for your customers.
These are just a few ideas. If you have any other ideas or have seen other brands use Vine in creative ways, please comment and share them below. Vine may not be HUGE right now when you compare it to the mammoths like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but there is something to be said for it’s place in the future. So if you want your customers to see you as a forward thinking company, get on Vine and try out some creative ideas. Even if your base is not one Vine, you can share the videos on Facebook Fan Pages and on Twitter.