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Social Media: Huge, and Here to Stay by Samantha Murphy l 7-28-2010

Twitter Edges out Yahoo! and Bing in Online Search Game by Molly Galler l 7-14-2010

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Book Review: Socialnomics by Erik Qualman by Diane Danielson l 5-01-2010

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Forbes: Shop Smarter with Social Meida by Meghan Casserly | 11-03-2009

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YouTube Video Book  Review (UK reader) by andymooseman | 10-12-2009

CBS News TV Interview:  What is Socialnomics? with Shira Lazar | 10-09-2009

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McCombs Alumni News: Radio Interview with David Wenger | 10-08-09

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Mashable: 30+ Social Media Stats Visualized by Adam Ostrow

Huffington Post: Social Media — Is it a Fad? by Mike McCready

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Forbes: Why Write Books by Elisabeth Eaves

Book Publishing Gets Into Social Media at BEA by Kimberly Maul

Social Media is bigger than you think by Tim Leberecht

Others talking about Socialnomics…

“People with a passion for something can be infectious. It’s obvious that Erik Qualman’s passion is social media.” – Dan Heath, New York Times Best Selling Author of Made to Stick

“In Socialnomics, Qualman brilliantly prescribes that the key to social media success is doing rather than deliberating. This is a must read for anyone trying to leverage the social graph rather than be squashed by it.” – Steve Kaufer, CEO, TripAdvisor

“Erik Qualman has a very bright future.” – Angelo Pizzo, Award-winning writer and producer of Hoosiers and Rudy.

“Qualman makes a powerful case that social media has forever changed the way we live and do business. Socialnomics helps make sense of it all.” – Dr. Stuart, Levy, Professor, George Washington University

“Social Media isn’t just for the Next Generation – it’s for every generation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a media professional, a college student or a mom, social media will shape your future. Don’t be overwhelmed by it; read Qualman’s book instead.” – Jane Wooldridge, Award-winning journalist, The Miami Herald

“Social media is one of the most popular activities online today offering opportunities for both businesses and individuals to connect with a new audience. Qualman’s book, Socialnomics, helps readers understand this emerging behavior.” – Chris Maher, President, Hitwise

“The social media revolution has raised new and important questions and is now interwoven into our lives. Whether you are an executive, a parent or a basketball coach, Qualman’s Socialnomics is a great guide for these issues.” – Tom Izzo, Head Basketball Coach of Michigan State University

“In a Crisis, Qualman powerfully delivers one of the best reads of the year.” – New York Times Best Selling Author, Ellen Tanner Marsh

“Marketing is experiencing a profound paradigm shift. In the old paradigm, marketers controlled the conversation with consumers through commissionable media – television, radio, newspapers and magazines. In the new paradigm, marketers risk being marginalized in the electronic dialogue now taking place real-time. Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics offers valuable insights that will aid marketers in regaining some control in the perplexing world of modern communications.” – Dr. Eli Cox, Marketing Department Chair, McCombs School of Business

“Marketing and research are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tapping the wonderful world of Socialnomics. Social media is so powerful that we’ve seen it drive spikes in search behavior in Google. Qualman’s book will provide you with a navigational map and allow you to prioritize your social media initiatives.” — Kevin Lee, CEO, Didit

“Right now an online conversation is happening about you, your brand and the things you care about. Erik Qualman’s book — Socialnomics — will help you and your organization join and benefit from that conversation.” – Harry J. Gold, CEO, Overdrive Interactive

“We live in a world where engagement with your consumer is critical. The one-to-many paradigm is gone. Are you prepared? If not, this book is a must read.” — Robert J. Murray, CEO, iProspect

“Qualman’s intelligence on social media is a necessity for businesses and individuals. A “Socialnomics Strategy” should be put in place for every person and company.” — Todd L. Young, President and CEO- ProspX, Inc.

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