Google Self-Driving Car Considered Legal Driver

Can I See a License and Registration? But I’m just a self-driving car. According to a recent letter sent from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration to Google, Google’s self-driving car can be considered a legal driver under federal law. Forget the traditional driver, these self-driving cars should come with disclaimer: no human… Read the rest

Super Bowl Ads Are Trending

What to Say When Your Friends Talk Through the Super Bowl Ads… Can you please go refill the guacamole? Today is everyone’s favorite holiday, the day where we talk about Super Bowl ads. A record was set yesterday with around 60% of individuals watching Super Bowl ads on their smartphones and tablets rather than PCs. PepsiCo’s, Doritos and Allstate’s Es… Read the rest

Facebook Makes Up A Holiday

What to say when your friend makes up their own nickname…. Woa. Facebook literally made up a holiday to celebrate their birthday. Does that mean we can do the same? The holiday called “Friends Day” takes place February 4th and marks Facebook’s birthday (they turned 12 yesterday – #HBD). No cards from Hallmark yet. In order to celebrate, the soci… Read the rest