Enterprise Businesses and Cloud Accounting Technology

The business world as a whole is constantly evolving. As new technology, ideas, operational methods, and other innovations are brought to the business world these various elements are utilized to either improve or change the way the business world handles specific tasks on a daily basis. In recent years there have been a variety of innovations and enhance… Read the rest

Social Media: How Major Industries Take Advantage of the Emerging Content Platform

Look at the numbers, and you quickly see that social media is on the up and up. Consider that, according to new data from BI Intelligence, the amount spent on social-media ads in the US have topped $8.5 billion in the year 2014, up $2.4 billion from the previous year. Some other key points this new study shows are that growth in spending will continue through the y… Read the rest

The Evident Effects of Social Media on the Society – An Analysis

By now, we are all aware of social media like the back of our hands! We know that this platform has a tremendous and an incredible impact on various dimensions of our life. Be it culture, politics, social life and business, there is no single element, which has been ignored by the social media consequences. This platform has succeeded in revolutionizing the wa… Read the rest