5 Rules for Artists When Using Social Media to Promote Art

As an artist, you have your work cut out for you when it comes to promoting the art you make. There is a considerable amount of competition, and if you don’t employ the correct techniques, you’ll fall far behind. One of the best ways to promote your art is to do so through social media, but it will only be successful if you go about it the right way. 1. Optimize Your We… Read the rest

Top 5 Focus Areas that Every Mobile App Developers Should Know

To talk of focus areas as per recent mobile app development trends there are too many things to talk about. Most of these areas are into limelight to make majority of mobile app development companies eyeing for them. There are increasing focus on enterprise apps and quicker development. There is also renewed focus on mobile gaming from last year. Obviously,… Read the rest

Amazing Tools for Boosting Your Blog Post’s Web Appearance

Great, popular blogs don’t happen overnight. It’s not like getting an idea for a “pet rock” or a hula hoop and having an overnight sensation. Blogs become popular and thus profitable through lots of hard work, know-how, great content writing/promotion, and the use of the tools of technology that are “out there,” most of which are free for the asking. If you ar… Read the rest

Today’s Leader at Facebook “Like” Speed

Inside every leader who deals with Millennials is a power waiting to emerge. This power has the ability unleash team productivity like it’s never before been seen. The power of which I’m speaking is the power to save time. You were expecting something a more elusive, right? It’s not scarce and it’s not a secret; however, one has to be bold enough to seize it. In t… Read the rest

New Learning App For Kids With Special Needs

STOP SEARCHING – START EDUCATING! SpedEdTech, a California-based company, released a new app designed to help special needs students, their teachers and therapists, and their parents. Downloaded to  iPads,  the SmartEdApp provides a library of educator-selected activities for individualized student learning, tracks student progress, all… Read the rest

Learn What is Plagiarism and How It Corrupts Social Media

You probably got used to the idea that plagiarism haunts you everywhere. And you know for sure that the Internet is a kind of “plagiarism residence” – when something gets here, it often becomes “common knowledge” which means that defining authorship might be simply impossible because everybody can access and copy-paste what is published. You know that in w… Read the rest