Jack Dorsey Officially Named Twitter CEO

THE STORY – Jack Dorsey Officially Named Twitter CEO Last week it was up in the air whether or not Dorsey and Twitter would be staying together. It was announced on Monday morning that Dorsey will permanently be the CEO. (Source: CNN) What to say when people are giving you shade… Dorsey is also CEO of Square. His position as CEO for both companies ha… Read the rest

5 Organizational Tips Essential for a Successful Social Media Campaign

When you’re looking to carry out a successful social media campaign, it’s important to look at things other than your metrics and overall strategy. You’ll also need to think about how your marketing plan will be executed. If your internal procedures and policies are a mess, you’ll have a hard time putting in the energy necessary to make your social marketing… Read the rest

Getting Started with Social Media for Your Small Business

Social media is the new driving force behind a majority of the marketers to promote their business. Competition is tough, and getting a wide and loyal customer base is quite an overwhelming task. Social media is only going to grow in the coming years. If you are not marketing on it, then you are most likely missing a large chunk of the pie and letting your competi… Read the rest

The Clickbait Debate: Does It Work for a Social Media Strategy?

This is a post that may not have the answer you want to hear. If you look at the best social media hooks of the past year, the content that truly went viral—the ASL ice bucket challenge, Emma Watson speaking in front of the UN, Alex the Target eye candy—you would think there is something to be said for being bold, a bit crazy and out there, and gaining clicks on social… Read the rest