T-Mobile CEO John Legere Kills It on Twitter

The man behind T-Mobile’s Uncarrier rebranding may be rude and crude but if you’ve heard of John Legere, he’s winning. Very few CEOs can attract and keep 555,000 Twitter followers engaged (and sometimes enraged) the way he can. Possibly because very few CEOs are tweeting about how the competition are all greedy bastards. Or how Pharrel… Read the rest

Yelp Help for Small Business Owners

Online reviews are first & foremost with consumers. The problem is, anyone can trash your online reputation with hateful, negative comments. Bad reviews are certainly hurtful to you, worse though, is the damage to your income. That’s because each potential customer you lose to a bad review, will end up at one of your direct competitors. Your immediate… Read the rest

How To Develop Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

One of the predominant ways companies benefit from strong social media management is that it develops brand loyalty. This is a process that takes time and requires a successful, long-term strategy, but the reward is worth the effort: loyal customers are repeat customers. Loyal customers also serve as brand advocates, engaging with your brand online and s… Read the rest