Marketing with a Mission: How Your Company’s Mission Can Mold its Success

For all companies, a well-defined mission statement and clear set of goals set the foundation for future success. To establish a company culture that’s healthy and effective, it’s important to spend time developing these items. Company culture is integral to brand identity, employee morale, and customer loyalty, and it’s nearly impossible to succeed w… Read the rest

How to Make Social Media Interesting for Niche Companies

We’ve all heard about the supposed miracles social media can work for a company, the statics support the hype with 87% of SME’s claiming social media has helped their business. But in reality is social media applicable for every business type? Various companies have managed and by following a few simple principles most companies can create exciting conten… Read the rest

Grow Your Twitter Following- Do Followers Matter?

It has been said that we place way too much emphasis on the topic of Twitter followers. Often when working with businesses on their social media campaigns, they ask me how they can get more Twitter followers. In fact, most seem overly concerned about how many followers I can get them, like it’s some kind of contest or race. However, I don’t believe the number of f… Read the rest

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

The following post and infographic was written and submitted by Jennifer Landry. In 2014, social media matters more than ever before. Understanding why this is, as well as what, specifically, people are looking for online is key to keeping your business relevant in the social age. Visual media in particular is something to which it’s impossible not to pay… Read the rest

Is it worth investing in social media?

As key American indices were hitting new record highs last month, Janet Yellen issued a statement – alongside a Federal Reserve report – warning about the stretched nature of social media stocks. For the chair of the Federal Reserve to issue such a direct warning to the markets was highly unusual, and a telling reflection of the huge enthusiasm that traders s… Read the rest