Google’s Project Fi Invites To Reach Everyone By Mid-Summer

TECHCRUNCH - Project Fi, Google’s recently announced plans to offer its own wireless cellular service, appears to have a lot of demand – or at least, that’s what an email sent out to potential customers seems to imply. The email informs those who previously registered their interest in trying out the new service that, due to the  number of requests Google… Read the rest

Google Reveals the Problem With Password Security Questions

ABC – Google analyzed hundreds of millions of password security questions and answers, revealing how startlingly easy it is for would-be hackers to get into someone else’s account. Case in point: What’s your favorite food? Using one guess, an attacker has a 19.7 percent chance of guessing an English speaking user loves pizza, accordi… Read the rest

Google Says Its Self-Driving Cars Drive Better Than You

TechCrunch – Google has been testing self-driving cars for years. Six years in fact, with a fleet of 20+ self-driving cars, which have self-driven almost a million miles over that period — and are now averaging around 10,000 self-driven miles per week. Image from TechCrunch So how many accidents have Google’s autonomous rides got into over th… Read the rest

Microsoft And Google Battle Once Again For Title Of Second Most Valuable Tech Company

TechCrunch – After reporting earnings yesterday, Google and Microsoft are once again locked in their long-running battle for second. Apple, the most valuable technology company, is also the most valuable company in the world, with Google and Microsoft rounding off the top three. Google, up 3.56 percent as of the time of writing, is currently worth… Read the rest

Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses

Business Insider – On Tuesday, April 21, Google is making a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone. The algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly websites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever sc… Read the rest

Google Faces Trouble Abroad

USA TODAY  — Facing intensifying scrutiny from regulators, Google is conducting one of its most important searches yet: for an answer to its growing problem in Europe. The European Commission has formally accused the U.S. technology giant of abusing its dominance in online shopping searches. It has also expanded the antitrust probe to look into whether G… Read the rest

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Google and Should

1. Google earns $20 billion a year from advertising, more than the primetime revenues of CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX combined. 2. Because Gmail launched on April 1st of 2004, many people thought it was an April Fools’ Day prank. 3. On August 16, 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and in that time, the global internet traffic dropped by 40%. 4. Google has found G… Read the rest

Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

CNET – Ever imagine what it’d be like to play a monster game of Pac-Man through the streets of your hometown? Now you can, sort of, as Google has built a fully playable game of Pac-Man into Google Maps. To play the game, simply go to Google Maps in a browser on your computer, or on the updated iOS and Android Google Maps apps, and find a location nea… Read the rest

Google’s New CFO and her $70 Million Pay

CNN Money – Ruth Porat, formerly the CFO of Morgan Stanley, received a $70 million-plus cash and stock deal from Google for making the transition from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Porat’s salary will actually be less at Google: $650,000, compared to the $1 million she made at Morgan Stanley, according to a filings with the Securities and… Read the rest