Google gives SolarCity $300 million contribution

TechCrunch reported that SolarCity, the solar power startup whose chairman is the seemingly ever-present Elon Musk, has announced a new $750 million fund created to help fund residential solar projects, including defraying the upfront costs of solar panel installation at homes in 14 different states across the U.S. and in D.C. The new fund includes a c… Read the rest

Google acquires marketing start-up Toro

TechCrunch reported that Toro, a startup that helps developers promote their apps on Facebook, just announced that it’s been acquired by Google. The company was originally known as Red Hot Labs, and it’s led by Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney. They previously co-founded MyMiniLife, which played a key role in the creation of FarmVille. Mahajan and Polo… Read the rest

Gmail users dealing with auto-complete bug

Business Insider reports that Google’s email service seems to have a bug in its auto-suggest feature that’s causing a bunch of people to send messages to the wrong contacts. Instead of auto-completing to the most-used contact when people start typing a name into the “To” field, it seems to be prioritizing contacts that they comm… Read the rest

Twitter and Google Team Up For Search-What It Means For Your Business

While social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were launched with the intentions of enhancing personal networking and allowing people to stay in touch, they’ve ultimately turned into powerful resources for business owners looking to gain access to target markets and generate leads. Learn from the Experts While you can’t mimic other companies a… Read the rest

Google and Mattel partner to create new View-Master toy

Jared Newman from PCWorld said today that if you’ve tried Google Cardboard and are over the age of 30, you’ve probably noticed some parallels to those old View-Master stereoscopes. Now, Mattel is embracing the comparison with its own virtual reality headset. Starting this fall, Mattel will sell a virtual reality version of View-Master using the same s… Read the rest

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with Google’s Security Checkup and get 2GB in Drive Space

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Google is giving away 2GB of Google Drive storage for going through the Security Checkup. Google said this survey takes just a couple of minutes and, unlike other checkups, it won’t leave you feeling guilty about not flossing. Here’s what it does: Ensures your account recovery information is current If we detect suspiciou… Read the rest

Tweets to show up on Google search results

Bloomberg reported yesterday that Twitter has struck a deal with Google to make its 140 character tweet updates more searchable online. This agreement comes from an effort by Twitter Chief Executive Officer, Dick Costolo, to make tweets seen more by non-users and generate more advertising revenue from a larger audience. Engineers from Twitter and Googl… Read the rest

5 Ways to Destroy Business Credibility in Less Than One Minute

Are you guilty of neglecting your website and online presence? According to a web credibility study done by Stanford University, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on a website’s design. Moreover, there is mounting evidence that brands with little to no social media marketing are more likely to suffer from poor onli… Read the rest

Trending: Amazon competes with Microsoft and Google for Corporate Email

Amazon has announced that uses are now able to sign up to preview their new service, WorkMail. WorkMail was created by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is a secure, managed business email and calendaring service.  WorkMail allows users to access email contacts and calendars using Microsoft Outlook. Mashable says that two vital features of the web service wil… Read the rest

Trending: Disabling police tracking on Waze

Washington (AP) – Eileen Sullivan from The Associated Press reported that law enforcement is concerned that the popular Waze mobile traffic app by Google Inc., which provides real-time road conditions, can also be used to hunt and harm police. Waze, purchased by Google for $966 million in 2013, is a combination of GPS navigation and social networki… Read the rest