5 Things to Think about Before Launching a Website

In e-business, just like in many other spheres, the success of an enterprise is determined at the stage of planning: no matter how hard you work later on, if you’ve made some blunders in the very beginning all your efforts may go down the drain. Here are 5 things you should take into consideration before you launch your website. They don’t guarantee good result… Read the rest

How to Attract Visitors to Your Site

There are two questions that bother webmasters: how to attract new visitors and how to keep them. Unfortunately, one thing doesn’t automatically presupposes the other – so let’s take a look at how it can be rectified. 1.      Holistic Approach Most webmasters make one mistake when it comes to promoting their website, and this mistake make all the rest of the… Read the rest

Missing the Target: When Your Audience Is Elsewhere

So, you decide it’s high time to run a social media marketing campaign and promote your business to a target audience, which doesn’t know about your existence, but desperately requires your services. So, the content plan is thoroughly written, the social network is chosen and you already feel the rays of the nearing success – but in several weeks comes the re… Read the rest