Powering the New Era of Loyalty: Brand Advocates

Americans love loyalty. They’ll argue for hours about their Pepsi or Coke preference, show NFL tattoos off proudly in public and nearly 90%  participate in some type of loyalty rewards program (BusinessWeek). But while loyalty is hardwired into our culture, when it comes to brand loyalty, the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. With o… Read the rest

Key figures of viral video marketing

Let’s hit the hard figures first and look at the biggest…   YouTube channel accumulated views: Evian, over 250 million views YouTube channel: Red Bull, 3.4 million subscribers Single ad views: Dove – Real Beauty sketches – 133 million views Shares on social media: Volkswagen: The Force, 5.3 million shares (Facebook + Twitter + others)   The new e… Read the rest

What do customers express in online reviews

Online reviews are essentials in our purchasing behaviors. The average consumer today checks 10.4 information sources before buying1. 70% of Americans say they look at reviews before taking the next step to conversion2. In a previous post, we answered, “Why customers write online reviews?” 3. Today we want to identify, “ What do customers express in onli… Read the rest

Stories of the two biggest success in viral video marketing

The 14th of April 2014 is the first anniversary of what I believe is the most successful viral video ever made by a brand on a mature market: Dove, Real beauty Sketches 1. The campaign was created by Unilever in 2004. The inception of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty began after market research indicating that only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful. Th… Read the rest