Content Meets Chat with Versy

I recently got the chance to chat with the executive team of Versy. Described as content meets chat, Versy is an app that allows content to be shared and start conversation among users. With 250 content channels and publishers, a following is built around the content and users can create communities based on their interests. Some content channels that Versy… Read the rest

Zuckerberg Baby Steals Star Wars Show

What To Say When You’re Ready for A Nap… I need to put on my sleepy socks. Netflix has come up with a solution for the tragedy when you fall asleep and lose your episode during your binge watching. The solution? Socks. Now you might be thinking to yourself, how are socks going to fix anything? Great question. Well, the magical socks use an accelerometer to tell whe… Read the rest

Virtual Reality: The Next Big Thing in Architecture?

It seemed that back in the 90′s, the talk about virtual reality technology fizzled out into the aether, never to be spoken of again. It was a science fiction flight of fancy that captured imaginations, but seemed unfeasible and impractical in the real world. So people tucked away both their visors and dreams, but it was only for a while. More than a decad… Read the rest

Girl Scouts Cookies Go Digital

Girl Scouts Cookies Go Digital Girl Scouts just launched Digital Cookie 2.0, an online platform for girl scouts to manage their rookie cookie business. Instead of taking your order at a traditional cookie booth a Girl Scout might send you a link to her ordering page or take your order via a mobile app. “Mommy I need an iPhone to take my cookie orders.” Digital Co… Read the rest