How to Successfully Integrate Direct and Digital Marketing

The integration of direct and digital marketing is a recent challenge that has many people choosing sides instead of embracing the merge. The primary reason for this negligent behavior is not arrogance but rather misunderstanding. Here are 4 tips that we came up with to show how the integration of direct and digital marketing can help boost sales, conversi… Read the rest

5 Small Changes That Can Lead To A Big Increase In Conversion Rate Optimization

We received this article from Chris Lucas, Vice President of Marketing at Formstack. Formstack is a provider of online traffic conversion solutions. Through their 2015 Form Conversion Report, they have provided Socialnomics with 5 tips on how to increase conversions on different platforms. As marketers, we’re on a constant mission to motivate action.… Read the rest

Apple Plans To Launch Subscription TV Service

Apple is in talk with TV programmers about the launch of a web-based subscription TV service that would launch this fall the Wall Street Journal reported. The service, said to be about $30 to $40 per month, would have about 25 channels including major networks such as ABC, CBS and FOX. One major network that would be lacking is NBCUniversal due to a conflict bet… Read the rest