Decisions, Decisions: How Product Packaging Affects Your Buying Decision

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How to Master the Art of Saving Money Using Internet

Can you suggest what is the hardest thing about dealing with money? If you answer that it is earning it, then you are dead wrong – and this opinion is probably the source of all your financial problems. It is not all that hard to make money – or at least, to make enough money – but making money stay with you is a much, much less trivial task. While earning money is a craf… Read the rest

Leaders in Advocate Marketing: Q&A with Hessie Jones

Over the past four weeks, we have sought out the best-of-the-best social media marketers for an executive Q&A. These industry leaders are giving their advice on the future of advocacy and influence, along with detailing how brands can activate their most effective advocates. This week, we sat down with Hessie Jones, CEO of ArCompany. Hessie currentl… Read the rest

Leaders in Advocate Marketing: Q&A with Michael Brito

For this week’s advocate marketing Q&A, we sat down with Michael Brito, group director at WCG, a W2O company. We started this series in partnership with the leading advocate and influencer marketers to help brands understand the word of mouth landscape and how to drive the best results across social, email and all customer engagement channels. The soc… Read the rest

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

The following post and infographic was written and submitted by Jennifer Landry. In 2014, social media matters more than ever before. Understanding why this is, as well as what, specifically, people are looking for online is key to keeping your business relevant in the social age. Visual media in particular is something to which it’s impossible not to pay… Read the rest