Apple and Samsung Go To Court

THE STORY Everyone knows that Apple and Samsung do not get along – even though some iPhone parts have historically come from Samsung. Apple is always unveiling cool new things then Samsung decides that they should do the same. Well, Apple was getting a bit frustrated by this and decided to file a lawsuit. Four years of courtrooms and judges later and a de… Read the rest

A little bit of Social

Politicians be like… An enormous amount of people are weighing in on the presidential candidates via social media. This should not be too much of a surprise for anyone, hopefully. Social media has become a metric to gauge how well candidates are doing with voters. Retweets, shares, & likes are super powerful when it comes to tracking how well the candida… Read the rest

Porsche Versus Tesla

THE STORY: PORSCHE VERSUS TESLA The luxury electric car market currently consists of Tesla but this may change in a couple of years. At an auto show in Frankfurt, Porsche and Audi unveiled what they have been working on. A luxury electric car called Mission E (Source: CNN). Battle of the electric cars… Mission E will be faster and run longer on a shorter charge b… Read the rest

Mark Zuckerberg Wants You To Have A Virtual Reality

THE STORY: MARK ZUCKERBERG WANTS YOU TO HAVE A VIRTUAL REALITY Facebook has been trying out tons of new things recently.  The latest thing they are working on is bringing Facebook users a virtual reality from their smartphone (Source: The Wall Street Journal). But how does that work… Facebook is still in early development for the app but their hope is videos w… Read the rest

Today’s Biz and Buzz – What Would Steve Jobs Say About Apple Pencil?

THE STORY – APPLE PENCIL One of the most talked about points from the Apple event was the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is a stylus that can only be used with the new iPad Pro (Source: Business Insider). Apple showed the pencil being used to draw and create graphics, which is a good idea in theory. “Who wants a stylus?” Criticism hit the web saying that Stev… Read the rest

United Airlines CEO Steps Down

THE STORY UNITED AIRLINES CEO STEPS DOWN Six months ago, United Airlines disclosed that it was under a federal investigation for what was thought to be political favors (Source: TheSkimm). The believed political favor was the airline added a direct flight from Newark Airport to an airport in Columbia, SC which just so happened to be near the former chairman… Read the rest

Legos for Grownups

Legos for Grownups  Acer recently announced a childhood dream come true. Stackable computer technology. Picture Legos but for grownups. What exactly is this wondrous technology? Exactly what it sounds like, kind of. Acer’s new Revo Build Series is a “modular” PC that regular folk can use to build their own computer by stacking prema… Read the rest