John Brennan – Target of Email Hack

What To Say When Your Friend Hacks Your Facebook Page… Ugh. Yet another email hack occurred on Wednesday and Thursday this past week. This time the target was CIA director, John Brennan. Wikileaks took it as their responsibility to publish Brennan’s emails which included some documents about the future of intelligence, a memo on Iran, a list of email contac… Read the rest

Yahoo And Google Become BFFs

Yahoo And Google Become BFFs Yahoo isn’t doing too hot and called in for some help. Yahoo made a deal with Google that lasts from this month until 2018, so it’s a pretty long-term relationship. The deal is that Google will provide Yahoo with search ads, algorithmic search and image search for desktop and mobile. Yahoo hopes that by partnering with their much co… Read the rest

Amazon Sues For Fake Product Reviews

What to Say When You Pretend to Like the Gift Your Weird Aunt Gave You… “It’s the best product ever!!” Well it looks like a lot of people are faking it on Amazon Reviews. The e-commerce giant is suing 1,000 “John Doe’s” who are giving fake product reviews. You might want to check the reviews on your next Amazon purchase and run far away if you see a comment from John D… Read the rest

Wayne Simmons – Our Fraud Celebrity

That Awkward Moment When… Fox Correspondent Wayne Simmons says he is a “Former CIA Operative” and an expert on the CIA when he’s really not. It turns out his 27 years of experience in the CIA was more like 0 years of experience. Awkward. This is fraud. Fraud is worse than saying “I’m not a CIA expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” Hotel, Motel,… Read the rest