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Has Everyone Gone YouTube Mad?

On a casual online browsing session, I’m sure it would be almost impossible to avoid the constant presence of that black and red icon lurking in almost every corner. Whether you’re on Facebook, on your favourite band’s page, or even on your local city council’s website, that big red ‘play’ button has become rather inevitable. You would have had to have been li… Read the rest

The Complete History of PPC Advertising [Infographic]

The folks at Internet Marketing Inc. created this fun, interactive infographic displaying the evolution and history behind pay-per-click advertising- from it’s creation in 1996, all the way to the present state of affairs in 2014. Post this on your site (Embed Code): Read the rest

Social Media has Changed the Ways We Do Business

Of all the technological developments to be born in the first decade and a half of this century, it can be argued that the one to have the largest impact on business is the social platform. Like them or not, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have once again transformed the way that people communicate, and in the process, have changed the way that b… Read the rest