Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Have Arrived

Samsung finally revealed their new smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Image from Samsung Here is what Bonnie Cha from Re/code had to say about Samsung’s newest release: Design Both smartphones now feature designs that use high-quality materials rather than plastic and fake leather. Specifica… Read the rest

Finding a Great Job on LinkedIn

At CareerGlider, we’ve been writing a series on how to use LinkedIn as a tool for finding new opportunities and great connections. If you’ve followed the previous posts, you’ve learned how to create a strong profile, and how to build your network. This week, we’re bringing it all together and discussing how to search for a job. Searching LinkedIn Jobs Linked… Read the rest

Gmail users dealing with auto-complete bug

Business Insider reports that Google’s email service seems to have a bug in its auto-suggest feature that’s causing a bunch of people to send messages to the wrong contacts. Instead of auto-completing to the most-used contact when people start typing a name into the “To” field, it seems to be prioritizing contacts that they comm… Read the rest

YouTube to launch a kid-friendly app

USA TODAY reported on Friday morning that YouTube, Google’s online video library, wants to provide a more age-appropriate experience to its younger users causing their engineers to come up with a new app called YouTube Kids. The free app launches Feb. 23, and at present is available for Android devices only. “Parents were constantly asking u… Read the rest

Twitter introduces TweetDeck teams

Twitter announced on their blog Tuesday morning that they were introducing, TweetDeck teams, a simple way to share access to your Twitter accounts without sharing passwords. The feature is starting to roll out today on TweetDeck for web, Chrome and Windows. TweetDeck Teams is a simple solution to Twitter account sharing. It enables you to delegate access… Read the rest

Banking hackers steal up to $1 billion using malware

USA TODAY reported that an international hacking ring has stolen as much as $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries in what may be the biggest banking breach ever, a news report shows. The scheme, which goes back as far as 2013, uses malware so sophisticated that hackers have used it to dispense cash from ATMs without any physical contact with the mac… Read the rest

Social Media Marketing for Adult Businesses

There are often difficulties in getting likes/shares and tweets about adult topics such as the Hitachi magic wand or other adult toys and items. Some people are shy about publicly liking these types of sites and products so it can make promotion on social media even more difficult. Sex sells. We know this. However, when we talk about it openly (on social media… Read the rest

The Surprising Fact About Gaming Your Mom Doesn’t Want You to Know

Whether you’re a teenager or a man in his early 30s who grew up on classic video game consoles like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and PlayStation, there is something about gaming that you may not know – and that your mother may not want you to know! Namely, that adult women are now the largest single demographic of gamers. In fact, adult women significantl… Read the rest