Is Artificial Intelligence Something We Humans Should Fear?

TitanbetPoker – Now that there is a computer that can beat humans at Texas Holdem poker, should players fear fraud in casinos or is this mostly a fantasy which has become exaggerated and warped into a kind of urban legend? Steve Ruddock says that there is no reason to fear the computer Cepheus which has in essence already solved the poker game, but is he really r… Read the rest

Google’s autonomous ‘pod’ cars hit the road

USA TODAY -  Attention, people of Mountain View, Calif. Don’t call the police on those pod-like vehicles now roaming your suburban streets. They’re just Google’s autonomous two-person vehicles getting the lay of the land. After months of fine tuning at Google’s private testing facility in central California, a few of the se… Read the rest

Enterprise Businesses and Cloud Accounting Technology

The business world as a whole is constantly evolving. As new technology, ideas, operational methods, and other innovations are brought to the business world these various elements are utilized to either improve or change the way the business world handles specific tasks on a daily basis. In recent years there have been a variety of innovations and enhance… Read the rest

Microsoft Officially Launches Office For Android Phone

TechCrunch – Microsoft this morning announced the official launch of Office for Android phone, five weeks after the company rolled out the suite of applications as a preview. Today’s release, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint designed for the Android smartphone experience, follows earlier efforts at bringing Office to Android tabl… Read the rest

4 Ways Burglars use Social Media to Target their Victims

72% of all internet users are on social media (according to Bullas), and though this provides a number of positives, research suggests that four out of five burglars now track your social profiles to assist their crimes. While this may seem daunting to many, by looking at how they use it to their advantage we can stop them having any success. 1. Location Sharin… Read the rest

Samsung Says It’s Fixing a Nasty Security Flaw

TIME – Samsung is planning a security update after researchers uncovered a vulnerability that could threaten as many as 600 million Galaxy phones. The company said in a statementThursday that it will roll out an update in the coming days to address the issue, which makes phones vulnerable when downloading updates for the SwiftKey keyboard. The vul… Read the rest