New Research Shows 95% Use Customer Reviews

PowerReviews set out to look deeper at how ratings and reviews are impacting decision making. They surveyed 800 Americans to find out what they thought about ratings and reviews. Check out the interesting stats they found in the infographic below. Read the rest

The New Book that Plays Moneyball with Real-Time Marketing

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about real-time marketing—the practice where brands jump on social trends to join a popular conversation. Some have said it’s the next big thing. Some have said it’s a flash-in-the-pan that will be gone before we know it. Many have said that real-time success only works for one brand per big event, and that RTM… Read the rest

6 Best Jobs According to the Internet

Career change or the choice of your first job are both crucial steps, and they shouldn’t be approached lightly. It pays to be prepared and know the current job market situation – what was a viable career choice just five years ago may be disastrous now, so it is no use listening to people who have been looking for vacancies then. According to the resume writing se… Read the rest

How America is Watching TV [Infographic]

Did you know that the average American watches over 9 years of television over the span of their life? Or that 65% of US households have 3+ TVs? Luckily the folks at Koeppel Direct created this interesting and informative infographic on everything you need to know about the viewing behaviors of Americans. This topic is extremely relevant for markets and adve… Read the rest