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  1. Mary Rarick

    It looks like your RSS feed link isn’t working correctly. I’ve tried multiple times: no cigar.

    1. equalman

      Sorry for the hassle Mary! Thanks for letting us know. We are doing an overhaul of the site/platform in the coming days and hopefully we resolve, if not before!

      Again sorry for the hassle!

  2. Sophie Ryde

    We think the Socialnomics videos are fantastic. Would it be possible to use the Social Media Revolution 2 video as part of a training presentation that we are putting together?
    Many thanks,

    1. equalman
  3. Cheryl DuBose

    Hi! I am presenting to a group of radiology educators this year and would love to include your Social Media Revolution 2 video in the presentation. Please let me know if this is okay, and if so, the most reliable way to show the presentation. We will have little to no internet access during the meeting. Thanks!

  4. Gary Richards

    I would love to help spread the word with your inspiring videos. is there anywhere they can be downloaded, or is it only on YouTube ?


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  6. Bob Horner

    I am a director in a non-profit organization and would like to include the Social Revolution 2 video as part of a Powerpoint presentation. How would I do this? Thanks.

  7. Bobby Corley

    Can you people help a lowly “Independent Business Owner” with AmwayGlobal become successful in this mad world of marketing?
    Please respond….

  8. camil hesse

    hey erik
    just finished your book. i feel very inspired…
    i have some ideas of my own regarding social media content, but your predictions and thoughts take it a tip further. this week i started a masters program at IT University in copenhagen, denmark in digital design and communication. i believe that your book (even though i borrowed it) will accompany me a long way. even though your examples and description of companies and their scenarios are american, some of this is very likely to happen in a country like denmark as well. so we’ll be up for the challenge…
    please give a shout if you’re ever to “gig up” in copenhagen.


  9. Thibault


    Follow EQualman, that’s what I thought directly after reading your blog and watching your videos… I’m about to buy the book and now I’m wondering : “Is this Erik Qualman coming to Europe some day because I’d really be glad to see him in a conference in Paris…”
    Do you have Europe in mind for your next “speaking sessions” ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    A french student, and fan by the way!

    1. equalman

      I love Paris – so if I can make it happen I certainly will. I know I will be speaking in Turkey and Norway in the near future. Monaco as well, but that is a private event. Thanks for the kind words from France!

      1. Jan B. Olsen

        If you going to Norway, you should swing by Denmark!
        What is needed to make it happen and when will you be in Norway?

    2. Bobbi-Jo @Bright Life Travel

      Oui, oui! J’adore Paris aussi!

      I think there should be an Equalman Socialnomics conference/trip to a great location (like France!) with other social media leaders so we can all hang out together and learn/discuss social media. ; -)

      1. Thibault

        I really like the idea !!!

  10. Bill Furney

    Hey! I was an equalman fan before it was cool.

    I sent you an email earlier but did not get a response. I would like to discuss how to take your social media practices and apply them to government communication efforts — especially in terms of crisis communication (see our website). (Oops…I just asked if you’d like a drink and then drove you to my home.)

    I have been spreading the Socialnomics word among government communicators and believe we can use your research and methods to actually help save lives.

    Here’s hoping I’ll hear from you this time.


    1. equalman
      1. Bill Furney



  11. tina

    Love the book so far. There seems to be typos on page 21, para 3. The sentence reads, “Other companies and publishers pay search experts to help get high in the rankings want because they more traffic.”
    Can you please clarify?
    Thank you!

    1. equalman

      Tina: Glad you are enjoying the book!

      Wow that is a huge typo!

      This: here seems to be typos on page 21, para 3. The sentence reads, “Other companies and publishers pay search experts to help get high in the rankings want because they more traffic.”

      Should be: Other companies and publishers pay search engine optimization (SEO) experts to help them rank high in the search results for Google, Yahoo, Bing because they want more traffic to their respective site(s).

      I hope this helps! Thanks for letting me know too!

  12. Luke

    I love Socialnomics and would like to shamelessly ask for a favor.

    I have a job interview coming up where I need to discuss “The Business Value of Social Computing”. It would be fantastic if you can craft a pithy one or two line soundbite on your perspective, that I can drop during my interview. Your contribution could just be enough to tip things my way…

    All being well, your small contribution to my fabulous interview will result in a shiny new job for me! And, er, a warm glow of benevolence for you :-)

    Anyway, I realise that this is a bit off the wall and a bit cheeky, but what the heck… I really appreciate your time reading this far, and look forward to hearing your response. Cheers. Luke

  13. Courtney

    Ok, I’m a dork.

    But I watched your video and I cried. When something is true, and accurate, and profound, and paradigm shifting and expresses what I try to get across to clients every day, it makes me so happy that I just have to cry.

    Like I said, I’m a dork.

    and I guess the music helps too.

    1. equalman


      Wow, you have made my day that something I created moved you so much! Thanks for sharing. If you read the book I hope it moves you as much.

      Have a great one and thanks for the kind words!

  14. Rhonda Giarraffa

    Erik, Amazing Work ! Your video presentation is nothing short of brilliant. I will be promoting your book and am asking permission to post your video on a couple of my sites. I knew about your book but this is the first time I watched your video.

    Thank you for gathering this data collection.

    To your health and success.

    -Rhonda G.-

    1. equalman

      Thanks Rhonda!!

  15. Kary Smith

    Hi Erik,
    I am thrilled that you read my blog post and responded! I have it on my portfolio now as a shining example:
    Your work rocks. Like everyone else I have your youtube clip on my site because it is such a powerful, informative and concise representation of the vastness that is the social media revolution.

    Thanks so much,

  16. Jad Al Siefi


    do you have a news letter?
    im intrested in receiving it.


    1. equalman

      Not yet, but we need to get a newsletter soon as many have requested. So far we have the blog and the RSS feed.

      Cheers, equalman

  17. Freddy Bucknell

    Dear Erik,

    I’m half way through your book and I thinks it’s wonderful! I’ve recently started a company in the social media field, and was wondering if i could use the socialnomics video (short version) for my website?

    Many thanks,

    Freddy Bucknell

    1. equalman

      Freddy: Thanks for the kind words. I’d be honored if you posted my video via the YouTube embed on your site! Best of luck with the new company!

  18. Margaret

    I’ve worked in marketing for over 14 years now so you could probably say I’m a veteran by now ;-) However the world around us is changing so fast I still feel sometimes as if it’s day number 1 for me! Thanks for all your inspiration – I saw your Is Social Media a Fad? during a CIM course presentation. It’s a great eye opener!

    1. equalman

      Thanks Margaret! This world is moving so incredibly fast, I can’t believe that Facebook will be hitting 500 million users this month!

  19. Angel Forcada


    I would like to know if it´s possible to by this book is spanish and where can i buy it in Spain.



  20. Christina

    Dear Erik,

    I am a German student. In the course of writing my bachelor thesis on Social Media I read your book and I think it is amazing!

    I would appreciate it if you would write me your opinion on two topics so I can use it as an expert statement in my thesis.

    1) What do you think which trend follows Social Media? Do you think there is a “Social Media Bubble” that will burst?

    2) What are the biggest flaws of Social Media as a marketing instrument for companies?

    Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to read your answer!


  21. Hiroyasu


    I had to pick 2 books to read for a Masters class and write a Point of View what the two books impacted on my learning. The first is “Why we Buy” and the second one is your “socialnomics.” I’m an Advertising Major and I just want to shout out and say that I am so glad to read your book! The design of your book is so easy for me to read, and one of the best I’ve encountered so far. I like your key points after every chapter. (Probably a good format that all other books should follow) Otherwise everyone is going to go on a summary website like spark notes.
    I just finished reading the part about A Truly Interconnected Web? in your book and want to share with you something that happened to me 2 weeks ago.

    I met a new friend in class and as we both try to search for one another on facebook to add and become friends our profile did not show up. We try searching each other on our mutual friends and that didn’t work as well) We both did not block one another because we both have never met before. In the end after 5-10 minutes of searching over and over, we Googled one another our names and with the link provided we were able to add one another.

    Not too sure how unlucky we are, but just wondered if you heard something like this before.

    But other than that I really like your videos!
    You inspire me!



  22. Kai

    Hi Erik
    You mention the book being available for e-readers, what if I want to e-read it on my screen?

    I don’t want a hard copy, and Australia isn’t part of the iPad gang yet!



  23. Nancy

    We videotaped a social netoworking presentation and our tech guy uses your video up front. Is it okay to use it in its entirety in our videotaped presentation? We’ll give you credit.