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International Best Selling Author Erik Qualman latest book Digital Leader (McGraw-Hill, 2012) is now on sale in hardcover and all eReader formats.

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Socialnomics is available in all major bookstores & eReaders – to place your order now please click on any of the below! Socialnomics was 1 of 3 finalist for the American Marketing Association Book of the Year.




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The book is available anywhere in the world and has been translated in German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese.

Socialnomics Book Review by Stephanie Wonderlin

“People with a passion for something can be infectious.  It’s obvious that Erik Qualman’s passion is social media.” – Dan Heath, New York Times Best Selling Author of Made to Stick & Switch

“In Socialnomics, Qualman brilliantly prescribes that the key to social media success is doing rather than deliberating. This is a must read for anyone trying to leverage the social graph rather than be squashed by it.” – Steve Kaufer, CEO, TripAdvisor

“Erik Qualman has a very bright future.” - Angelo Pizzo, Award-winning writer and producer of Hoosiers and Rudy.

“Marketing is experiencing a profound paradigm shift. In the old paradigm, marketers controlled the conversation with consumers through commissionable media – television, radio, newspapers and magazines. In the new paradigm, marketers risk being marginalized in the electronic dialogue now taking place real-time.  Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics offers valuable insights that will aid marketers in regaining some control in the perplexing world of modern communications.” – Dr. Eli Cox, Marketing Department Chair, McCombs School of Business

“Qualman’s intelligence on social media is a necessity for businesses and individuals.  A “Socialnomics Strategy” should be put in place for every person and company.” — Todd L. Young, President and CEO- ProspX, Inc.

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  2. skolyoz korsesi

    thank you good post for socialnomics.

  3. Alex

    Hi Erik.

    I am a Year 9 student in Australia currently writing a essay on Social Media, and I would love to congratulate you for your work on the “Social Media Revolution” video. This revoluton defines my generation, and I as a part of that generation hoped to gain an understadning in where I stand in the digital world.

    Your video has greatly intrigued me with some interesting and rather astonishing facts, and has inspired me to research more into this topic. I hope that I am able to read your book as soon as I can get my hands on it. :)

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    Hmm. I see precisely what you mean. Hey, do you happen to have an Feed? Im trying to subscribe in order to get updates. Let me know. I truly enjoy reading your site! If you keep making great posts I will return every day to maintain reading!

  5. sydney massage

    Wow i like yur site. It really helped me with the information i was searching for. Appcriciate it, will bookmark.

  6. Patrick Wheeler

    Hi Erik,

    Great book, useful info in tasty bite-sized chunks. Particularly good for someone like myself with the attention span of — oh, look it’s raining!…. Anyway, the point being that other books tend to pontificate on the power of social media “be part of the conversation” without exactly getting to the how or providing any real conclusions.

    So thank you, for the audience I myself need to “educate” on the power of Social Media, your book has provided me with some useful new-bites to get their attention and the deeper context to support these headlines.


  7. Patrick Wheeler

    Hi Erik,

    Great book, useful info in tasty bite-sized chunks.  Particularly good for someone like myself with the attention span of — oh, look it’s raining!…. Anyway, the point being that other books tend to pontificate on the power of social media “be part of the conversation” without exactly getting to the how or providing any real conclusions.

    So thank you, for the audience I myself need to “educate” on the power of Social Media, your book has provided me with some useful new-bites to get their attention and the deeper context to support these headlines.


  8. Chi Standiford

    Thanks very much for your brilliant page;this is the kind of thing that keeps me awake through the day. I have been searching around for this site after I heard about them from a buddy and was pleased when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being a avid blogger, I’m cheerful to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. I would like to comment to show my support for your website as it is very energizing, and many writers do not get admiration they deserve. I am sure I’ll be back and will recommend to my friends.

  9. equalman

    Thanks Anders – enjoy!

  10. sriram

    Its to great to hear and read on Socialnomics. I just stumbled upon while I was just browsing through good social networking sites. I generally do not like the misuse of the media in any way. Its sad sometimes.
    You are right when you said, being social is not everyone’s cup of tea. Its a trait or etiquette and its like how one behaves in one’s physical absense. It portrays character.
    But the social media must fructify the most beautiful expression of one’s own self – because as human we are, does our expression convey that humanness! Hope that gives scope to coming generation, where probably, people develop peripheral vision (not only central vision) to see things and beings around them more natural and communication becomes more involved and touches the heart. And also, when the people become more telepathic and feel the need to work out for the real goals of life, the social media helps communicate more colourful and joyful expressions..:-)

    1. equalman


      Glad you found us and enjoyed some of the post! If you read Socialnomics the book let me know.

      Best, Erik

  11. Mike Thornton

    Hi Erik,

    I am working my way through your excellent book having my brain blown apart and rewired in the process. On p221 & 222 you talk about the experiment of getting the client to write down the features etc they want for their own site and then you overlay that with those of a leading social network. I would love to see some examples of this as I don’t get what causes the stunned silence and the discussion that follows? Thanks, Mike.

    1. equalman

      Companies will write they need a site for their brand that allows for photo sharing, video, contests, etc….. They write out 30 specs and realize all of it is available on a Facebook Fan Page…no need to create a micro-site. This seems obvious to most now, but a year ago people will still creating their own company social microsites!

      Thanks 4 reading the book!!

  12. Vero

    congrats on your work!

    I glanced on the Waterstone’s website a new version of Socialnomics is due to be published 14/12/2010? True?
    If yes, how much different is it gonna be? New chapters?

    Thanks a lot!


    1. equalman

      Vero: New book is out. It has been updated and two new chapters have been added – one is a popular FAQ chapter. There is also a foreword from Ford’s Scott Monty.

      If you read let me know what you think! Thanks for the support!

  13. bcnfreeflow

    Yes please, is it going to be available in Spanish?


  14. Renato Oña Pólit

    Hi, Do you think to translate this book to spanish?
    Congratulations for your job, i saw your videos, but i would like to know more about it, specially for latinamerica markets, what dou you think about that?

    Best regards from Quito, Ecuador

  15. Tatiana

    Hi, where can I buy the book in portuguese??

    1. equalman

      It is in Portuguese, but only in Portugal. It is being translated for Brazil and should be out in a few months as well!


  16. mauianela

    when will you translate the book in french?

  17. The BlogMaster

    can’t wait to get my copy. And I love the video!!!
    awesome work!!

    1. equalman

      Hopefully your copy arrives soon! Huge thanks for the support and kind words!


  18. The BlogMaster

    I just bought my copy, I can’t wait to get it…let you know soon…

    1. equalman

      Awesome! I hope you enjoy reading the book!


  19. Esther

    When is the book going to be translated in Spanish?

    I love the video!


  20. kurt

    What about B2B businesses?

    1. equalman

      Huge play in B2B….you will see more articles from us soon on B2B.

  21. Lesley


  22. daniela

    Hello Erik

    when is the new edition with updated data going to be available?

    Thank You

  23. Mat

    I have bought this now on B&N and but it lacks a copy I can download and print out. Is there a site where I can find the PDF document of this?

    1. equalman

      Publisher restricts this – sorry :(

  24. Rubén Herrera Jr.

    I want to buy your book in a bookstore in Mexico.

    I want to to know who owns the distribution rights in México.

    Best regards

  25. equalman


    Thanks for helping today’s youth and for giving me the opportunity to help them as well! I just sent you the file (via If I can be of further help please let me know! Happy Holidays!

  26. equalman

    Will: This is great!! Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to what is to come from you.

  27. Marko

    Thanks for a great and inspiring book Erik!

    Bought it, read it, underlined it, reviewed it, here:


  28. Ray Gulick

    Bought the book after seeing the video: one of the best, most engaging books on social media. I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to understand social media in real-world context.

    1. equalman


      Thanks for purchasing the book and for taking the time to send me the positive feedback – that means a ton! Always heartwarming to see all the nice reviews on Amazon.

      Best of luck in all things social!

  29. Paula Cordeiro

    I’ve heard about it and finally I found it. Great book and interesting video to illustrate it.

    1. equalman


      I’m glad that you were able to find it and that you enjoyed it – where did you finally find it and are you in the US?

  30. Kevin

    Is it okay to embed your youtube video on my company website? (It offers social media design services.) It would also spread the word about your book.

    1. equalman


      By all means be “social” with the video. I hope it helps the site!

      Cheers, equalman

  31. Nicolas

    Could you please distribute this book using open-source formats, like ePub and PDF please? So that other ebooks can read it.

  32. mimi osterdahl

    equalman….you, rawk! (and that post was not outsourced…either.)
    Kindest regards.
    ps. Wishing you lots & LOTS of cashflow from your book.

  33. beatriz

    Hey Erik! Loved the book! Congratulation!
    I work for an ad agengy [] who purely believe in neutral media.
    Are you interested in sharing your social media knowledge in Brazil? If it so, who do I need to talk to to arrange it [to know all the details, time, $, etc], please?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    All the best, Bea.

    1. equalman
  34. mimi osterdahl

    i am guessing that this message will be responed to ‘personally’ by you through someone from the group in (possibly?) india that was hired to field all of your social networking responses for you. No matter…it is the way of the future and very ‘social’ in fact, “global-socialnomic” if that is the (indeed) the case.
    Viva la revolution!

    1. equalman


      I wish I had that kind of cash flow! No I haven’t made it big time enough to outsource my responses/customer service, hence you get real-time delays from me sometimes. This time I had an excuse as I was flying back from Sweden. I can’t wait for the day that all airlines have standard Internet connections.

      Oh, the reason that it is an image of a book instead of a photo of me is that I have to have a word around in wordpress to showcase the book on the blog and hence it also has to be my photo the way I have it coded. Cheers!

  35. monchster

    If you’re promoting all this hyped up social media stuff, why on earth are you still selling yourself in book /paper format? shouldn’t it just be online or a pdf, and what’s more, shouldn’t it be free? – just a question.

  36. Marco Bucci

    Dear Erik
    Is there any prevision of your book be translated in portuguese for the brazilian costumers?

    1. equalman

      I can only hope – there has been a ton of interest in Brazil so I can’t imagine it is far behind. My publisher Wiley handles all of this. I will send them a reminder note. It is being currently translated into German, Korean and Chinese so Brazil should be soon (fingers crossed). Thanks for the interest!

  37. Bishop Alan Wilson

    Congratulations, Erik! There’s a lot of silly stuff this UK side of the pond which majors on misunderstood threats, and doesnt quite get the reaities and opportunities yet. Trying to scope things differently, your book’s a great intro I’ll be using with colleagues this autumn to refresh their thinking and get the discussion earthed. short preliminary review at

    1. equalman

      Bishop Alan:

      Thanks for the great post on your Blog about Socialnomics – love the header image on your blog – very nice. I hope the book helps with your colleagues.

  38. Steve

    I will be promoting it too! just read it and loved it!

    1. equalman


      It’s amazing the groundswell for social media in Australia. I’m sure that you one of the main drivers with your very modern and informed site I just was fortunate recently to be interviewed on the Australian radio program The Scoop with Mark Jones. Are you familar with this show? Interview is here:

      Thanks for the support and for the mention and promotion on

  39. Jason Yormark

    Fantastic book, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will especially be using it to help evangelize the use of social media with clients and employers.

    Posted a review of the book on my blog here:

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the positive, but fair review. You do a great job of detailing what the book is and what the book is not. Thanks for taking the time and keep up your great writing as well!

  40. Phil Hogan

    Just added it to my chapters wishlist. Looking forward to reading it.



  41. Jeffrey

    your thoughts about social media are dead on, especially for marketing. As proof of this, I would not think twice about the book or this site if it weren’t for your video on youtube. It was so well put together, I had to come look around and buy the book.

  42. Dr. Patrick MacNamara

    Thanks for writing this book. I’m half way through it even though it just arrived yesterday.

    I also wrote a blog post about it and am promoting it among the chiropractic profession.

    I wish you the very best in its release!

  43. Jaely

    Im doing a presentation on Social Media and I will be using the facts on your video but i would like to know where can I get the references of where you got your stats!! THANKSS!! GREAT STUFF!

    1. equalman


      Thanks for the interest! The sources are under the article.

  44. Mariana Evica

    Looks great, Erik! I’m looking forward to reading the book. Are the stats you used aggregated online in any one place, or just in the book?

    (They seem more recent than some of the Pew Internet Trust stats I’ve got in my quiver of “here’s why” data — really helps to have the numbers for new social media clients!)

    1. equalman


      I pulled the data from many sources – I’ve listed these under the article that contains all the stats here:

      I hope this helps. If you see anything off the mark please let me know as we will revise for Video 2. Please let me know what you think of the book by posting a review on Amazon, visual book shelf, or by sending me a note (or both). Thanks for the kind words – it means a ton!

  45. Tom Kihl

    Looks like the book will be essential reading.

    Have posted about it on our blog:

    And have a look at a presentation I made about how to handle the actual content on these new platforms:

    Good luck with the big launch.

  46. Edith Orenstein

    Can’t wait to read your book, seems like you are way ahead of your time; or at least you are where time is now, but many others among us have a lot of catching up to do, and looks like your book will be a great help.

    1. equalman

      Edith: Thanks for the support please give me your honest feedback after reading the book!

  47. Craig Elimeliah

    I am very excited to get a copy and as a social media enabler for brands and agencies I am excited to read about your insights and share them with all my clients. You should isolate key points and Tweet one a day would be great content to read on Twitter

  48. Kent Simpson

    I’ve been preaching social media to my associates for the past year – very few are buying into it.

    I’m drinking the kool-aid all the way to jumping light-years ahead of my competition.

    Looking forward to your book on the 26th!

    1. equalman

      The Kool-Aid tastes good! Thanks for the positive feedback. The book released online at Amazon and Barnesandnoble. It will be in all bookstores by the 26th!

  49. Craig Finch

    Erik – Loved the video – but for a guy who praises the power of social media – why haven’t you got the book on I-tunes as an audio book! I’d love to listen to it :-) I choose not to read these days.



    1. equalman

      Craig: As someone that takes the train I agree with you – love iTunes & podcasts. I spoke with the publisher and the audio releases later. However since sales are going so well it sounds like we may get it sooner (but I don’t want to over promise). Feel free to shoot me a note if you don’t hear from me. Thanks for the interest!

  50. Sachin


    Will like to promote your book on my facebook fanpage.

    hope it is good with you.

    FYI – URL


    1. equalman

      Love it! Go for it. If you need any images please let me know.

  51. equalman


    Glad you liked the video!! Many of the sources can be found in the book as well as listed on the bottom of this page:

  52. Erik Qualman

    Thanks Randolph; we’ll keep posting the content if you keep reading and contributing! Feel free to follow-me @equalman on Twitter too.

    Cheers, equalman

  53. Erik Qualman

    Thanks Randolph; we’ll keep posting the content if you keep reading and contributing! Hope you enjoyed the book.

    Feel free to follow-me @equalman on Twitter too.

    Cheers, equalman